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Thread: really crappy week

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    Default really crappy week

    well it starts out i get really sick i mean i felt lower then crap at some points, then today after i do the dishes and start on the bathroom i walk back into the kitchen only ten min. later to find it flooded and leaking down stares and in the next room so i had to frantically wake my dad and ended up getting yelled the question were did all the water come from which i couldn't answer because i don't do well under stress and also because i didn't really know, then we had to clean it up then i had to go to work still sick but before the flooding I read in a news paper about my sister's boyfriend and his friend who robbed a gas station (knew about it before hand but this had some info in it, also my sister use to work there) apparently my sister helped in the robbery she apparently was there get away driver and she gave them the key and the combo to the safe, she might go to jail all thanks to her drug addict of a boyfriend that she can't say no to, she was in collage for christ sakes but no she had to throw it all away.

    also i almost had a nervous brake down on the way to work but like most of the time i just suppressed those feelings

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    I really don't know what to say. Sounds like a really crappy week. *hugz all around*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    We're here for you.
    + 1.

    Sorry to hear about your trying week, Anon. If its any consolation - my day kind of sucked! My friend bailed on me for a sleepover because he got sick, and the disk drive on my laptop is evidenty broken. *sigh*

    Hope everything works out well.

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    i really got to calm down i started to freak out the more i thought about this. i was so angry just know i walked around my house and punched three different door frames and managed to hurt one of my hands

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    Hm...5 commas and 2 periods in that whole thing...

    Sounds like a hell of a week...But hey, at least you aren't dead (yet)

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    Anonymous Kiba-

    That's quite a rough week! I hope things end up well for your sister. It blows my mind that some women stick with some guys (or vice versa). Don't just 'suppress' feelings, or try to hide the fact that you're upset; keep posting here, or talk to folks in real life (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, counselors).

    Sending you some positive vibes. Next week will be better!

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