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Thread: New years finally!

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    Default New years finally!

    We wait for others to hit 2015 while the half of us are already in 2015, So tell me, what did you do when the clock struck 12AM for 1/1/15?

    I just screamed to the top of my lungs while my neighbors fired their rifles in the skies. I also saw some planes with red and blue lights swarming the skies (Not very many thou )

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    Happy New Year ADISC!

    Frogsy and I watched the New York City New Year's celebration. And I watched thenew year appear on my tablet's time and date.

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    closed the door to my brothers and my room went down stair turned on the xbox and played final fantasy 13-3 Lightnings return

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    Went to a friends place. Got back few hours ago (took a cab, always a fun experince on new years). He, his fiancee, a friend of his fiancee and I hung out, ate stuff, drank stuff and played board games till about 2am (I know, I'm a party animal). Actually unusual for me, I really don't do ther party thing much and new years is terrible night for that if not liking crowds and stuff (and did I mention the cab).


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    I went to bed at 11, and slept til 6ish

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    Happy Mew Year! ^_^

    Talula and I enjoyed a quiet-ish Hogmanay at home. At midnight we could hear a bagpiper playing from a nearby flat, and of course the explosion of fireworks!

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    Happy New Year! I went to a couple of local pubs with friends, and then ate a mountain of toast when I came in. A nice way to see in 2015.

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    I went to family for the night and we played cards and had some great food (I was too sick to eat turkey Christmas so I got to have a "replacement" turkey last night lol... But we wanted to watch the countdown and my grandmother only had antenna and sadly none of the stations had ANY New Year's countdown stuff on...No fireworks around here we just kind-of said "Happy New Year" when we thought it was time.

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