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    So im newish to this. i mean iv done it inprivate by my self for a while now and i do really enjoy it. im just nervous to do it in public. im hoping to find somone who will help me be less nervous about embarasing this full force. any ideas?

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    Please clarify what you're nervous about. Wearing a diaper in public?

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    For starters, wear loose clothing, like sweats. Some members like jeans, but I found them too tight for the bulkiness. Second, you want a highly absorbent diaper. The longer you stay out and the more you use it, the thicker the diaper you need. Also, if you plan to change in public, you need a way to carry your replacement diaper and figure out in advance where you will change. A public stall is ideal but can be risky especially when you dispose of the diaper. Last, no poo. The smell will be impossible to mask and you will offend many. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

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    it's just scary to do it the first time is all

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    Yes it is. Practice makes perfect. I'm sure others will post advice here as the day goes by. Stay tuned...

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    I say just do it. So, tell us your plan: what brand/model of diaper, do you have some loose pants, will you use the diaper, where will you go, etc. It might help if you mentally preplan. I know it causes your mind to go haywire but nobody will notice except maybe if they are one of us. And if you at least try to keep it hidden even a trained eye probably can't see them. People don't see what they aren't looking for.

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    the only diapers i have are something i got from walgreens for now. and not really. just probably to walmart wetting inpublic kindastuff

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    It won't be too bad if you take it easy to start. Try wearing one under sweatpants when you go out to check the mail, or a simple trip to the grocery store or other small errand by yourself. Try wearing them when you're out alone first, then maybe once or twice with an unknowing acquaintance, until you build up your familiarity and courage.

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    First time is always scary and you might bail out.

    Second time might be just as nervous but you build confidence

    Third time you get used to it and wear only when you feel necessary

    Fourth time you wear whenever you want to.

    and so on and so is going to be scary, I was too scared when I wore my first out in public (although it was not the brightest idea I had due to the summer time and I was sweating my bollocks off ) IF you want to look casual without any eyebrows sticking up, just wear your normal jeans w/ belt and some loose clothing that crosses over your pants line (No really need to tuck in at all)

    Another awesome way is to build up confidence, before I get to hiding, you have to understand while you do take a slight risk, it's nothing that bad, think of it as wearing over 20 layers of underwear because your losing weight (You technically are since your sweat get's absorbed, just bring Gatorade with you and woo-lah! Your losing sweat and filling them with electrolytes ) If you go start getting nervous all the time, you may not have the confidence for most things, it is a scary feeling because if you get caught, it will be very embarrassing but you have to act out as if you own that battle and don't let anything try to bring you down. Try it once, fail, then do it again. Do it over and over and soon you will be a walking (or toddling) baby in no time!

    Practice makes perfect and it always takes a couple of tries to be perfect.

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