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Thread: Big News - Tena Victory! (And Nappy New Year!)

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    Default Big News - Tena Victory! (And Nappy New Year!)

    Attention Adisc, it seems the very first issue I covered as an active Adisc member has kind of been (or entirely been depending on the way you look at it or what you have) ended in a good way. Yes my Adisc-joining-anniversary is on the 2nd but at the moment that's not important. The first thing I actually asked for on joining this site was for all of us to boycott a certain company......Tena. Tena were on track to turn there wonderful plastic-backed top-seller big cheese (I cood go on but I won't) product into a cloth-backed adult nappy of heavily-un-satisfactory body-contact experience...thingy - I'm so excited I'm mashing my words. I said if the sales dropped they'd realise their mistake and continue making the plastic-backed version of their world loved nappies - loved by the DLABInfantilistic world that is. I may have the wrong end of the stick but I'm going to chalk this up as 'we caused this turn around!'...what turn around I hear you ask? I just had a look on SaveExpress and there they are, plastic-backed Tena's like they've never gone away! They are now called Tena Originals and the logos and the spot design on the front has changed but I'm willing to overlook that because they are (acordN to SaveExpress) still plastic-backed!

    Now you may remember I recently became a SaveExpress member so getting plastic-backed Tena's - wen I thort those days were over - will be problem free, there may be problems for others: Some of you have very limited internet axS or can't buy via the web coz you still live with 'the parez!' - to ad insult to injury something that churned it's way out of the rumor mil 2 me way back wen all of this kicked off is this...plastic backed Tena's are only going to continue in Europe...and that's Europe not including the UK - the USA is also apsolootly xcluded concernN this least that is wot I herd bak then and at present it looks like it was more than just a rumor. Agen I get the impression I'm coming across in a confusing mashed in the UK you can buy bags of plastic-backed Tena's in pharmacies - not the big chain ones (boo hiss - it's not pantomime season NEmor - oh yes it is - oh no it isn't - oh yes it is etc. etc.) but little ones and - altho I'm yet to see it happen - you'll probs soon B abL to buy the new cloth-backed Tena's in a4 mentioned pharmacies.
    You may not be able to buy these returned and rejuven8ed plastic-backed ones in NE small UK pharmacies at all whatsoever! Yes some of you may say it is early days but wen it comes to wot I'm addicted 2 I do worry! IncontinenceChoice - my go 2 webste 4 adult nappies (largest range, great prices and next day delivery that's never failed on me (touch wood) (Other websites are avay so i don't sound corp and you may B unswervable from yor 'favrit' website)) isn't currently stockN thse anbd it may never Bcoz like I sed rumor mill and sum other far-la!
    But massiv massiv thnx 2 SaveExpress hey woodn't you agree you all? Best late chrismas present I've evR receeved...and I thnk we (those of us in the wrld oo liv ths lifestIL) turned the tide...most normal incont's products manufactures and procesN websites don't want to wave a big 'we know about and kind of akknowledge/are actually quite thankful about - infantilism' flag Bcoz they're worried about being called 'pedo-Nablers', utter nonsense if you ask me...the number of genuine pedos within ths particular world (IUCMD) is so ridiculously small it shoodn't count 4 sh*t, on top of [email protected] ow many of thse genuin pedos wear use and love Tenas - cn't a compNE just say @ th nd o the dy ££ is ££, keep churning gang keep churning! I thnk Tena are secretly aware of us and i thnk there's been a srt of underground movemnt to stop the disappearance of the P-B Tena's...thanks if you were one of those complaining and or warning-laced whistle-blowers. I'm not saying I started it nore am I that smug or big-headed or badly overly sure of my own importnce/position/worldly heft/etc. etc. - however wot I posted (the fist thng I evR posted on here #suddencripplingnostalgiaonlyjokingitsnotthatbad) gen'ed (generated) a surprisingly large respons 4 sum1 in a débutN situ'...agen at the nd o th dy i just dn't know tho if I've really helped that's a great feLN 2 now B takeN all places. Victory is ours! Long live the plastic-backed Tena Slip! Happy...I mean Nappy New Year! bringmesunshine p.s My first post 'Tena Slip Boycott UK' (or sumink LK [email protected] is EzalE findable - jst type Tena slip Boycott in2!

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    I do not understand whether Bringmesunshine is saying that Tena themselves have retained a plastic faced Diaper or whether sellers are still selling old stock.
    Could someone of younger years translate this yoof speek?
    I suddenly feel even older on this first day of 2015

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    They have the same graphics as the new cloth backed Tenas, but with a hybrid back sheet of cloth wings and a plastic centre.

    Good news indeed and hope to find them from my regular UK based suppliers soon.

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    Wow, well that was quite a read... But yeah, as we are learning it does appear that Tena is once again offering a (mostly) plastic backed product in at least some markets.

    As I see it, the size of the market will probably help determine what products hit the shelves. Smaller markets might need to just make do with the breathable cloth backed product for a while as that does seem to be the direction most brands have gone (and there must be a reason for that).

    I still believe (despite our ever growing amazing community - go ABDLs!) that our community makes up only a fraction of the sales, so I highly doubt the manufacturers are listening much to our voices with regards to wanting crinkly plastic diapers... But, at the same time, we are amazing test subjects for their products. We might put the products through extreme tests, and I am sure that as weird as it might sound, the product developers will be taking learnings from what we are spreading over the web. If ABDLs are writing all over the web that a certain product becomes droopy and allows the moisture to pass through the fabric, then I am sure they will take note of that and realize that the same problems are probably then facing those with genuine medical needs.

    In the end they exist to make money. There are a great deal of rival products on the market. The manufacturers are looking to make the product as cheaply as possible, yet make market leading garments that people and healthcare agencies buy/recommend to their clients. Perhaps our voices have helped them study and rethink the direction a little bit...

    Either way, yes, I am pleased Tena have not completely removed the plastic backed products from their assortments.
    Happy new year lovely folk of Adisc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tantricfollower View Post
    I do not understand whether Bringmesunshine is saying that Tena themselves have retained a plastic faced Diaper or whether sellers are still selling old stock.
    Could someone of younger years translate this yoof speek?
    I suddenly feel even older on this first day of 2015
    It's like this. The stock isn't old, the packaging's been givN a re-vamp and the logo-istic/artwork (if U can call it that) covered front of the nappy also looks a bit different...I don't know this for certain but they may feel different now like sit differently on the body - they were advertised as re-designed. SorE 2 sometimes use txt speak but it can B quik and helpful and the long pst abov (from me) wood've been possibly 2 long if I'd not taken the edit-ish approach I took. BMS

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