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Thread: Loving Bambinos - Funds are low - other ideas on diapers?

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    Default Loving Bambinos - Funds are low - other ideas on diapers?

    I am lovvvving Bambinos, but alas my stock runs low and money runs tight.
    ARe there any other diapers like them on the market?
    I've tried the green cloth like tenas and they bunch up and get clumpy which sucks.
    Tranquility ATNs.
    Goodnites for daytime discreet wear.
    Also molicares, but those clumped too.

    Diaper ideas?

    I can't relly afford to start cloth at the moment either.

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    What would you say the amount is you have to spend on diapers?

    Sounds like you prefer plastic backed diapers that don't clump. There are some decent ones out there but they don't have the same thickness and absorbency. Diapers are like fine wine, once you have tried the good stuff, nothing else will be as good.

    For starters, definitely check your local thrift stores and Craigslist for deals. Once in a while you can really score there.

    Here are some OK plastic backed ones I have tried. They tend to be more like hospital style and a little thin. If you have something to use as a stuffer, that would be helpful. In a pinch, you can buy some female bladder control pads that are on sale and put holes in the plastic backing. These can be used as cheap diaper boosters, and they swell up nice too.

    Dignity Classic Extra-- I am convinced that these are what the XP Medical A+ diapers are based off of, but these are a thinner version:

    Prevail IB full Mat Briefs-- This is the only Prevail diaper that has a plastic backing and normal tapes. The rest are horrible.

    Simplicity 3D Briefs-- an interesting two tape diaper. They are quite thin though, you will need stuffers with these:

    Also, consider buying some sample packs if you only need a small supply of diapers to hold you over till funds improve:

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