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Thread: How dangerous is diaper rash?

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    Question How dangerous is diaper rash?

    I know that diaper rash can hurt, but i'm wondering just how dangerous can it be?

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    If not treated and became an open sore you could end up with septicemia , but that's rare

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    I don't think it's dangerous. It's a bother, however, and the best "cure" is prevention. Once you get it, try some kind of cream; I like "Triple Paste." Try using hydrogen peroxide several times a day, too. Use the cream as a preventative. And keep yourself clean.

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    If we're talking nappy rash. I may hav the wrng nd o the stik (that can hapN wiv me sometmes) but it seems to be LK ths with me...yes I've had nappy rash in fact one time so bad I did get two small sores close to each other but even that bout of rash went away...admitedly sometimes I hav needn't creams and talc but sometimes it's just come and then gone agen about three days later with no input from my end (concernN my end ha ha). Am I just lukE - shood we all just put up with the problem unless it's ridic' painful - coz to say it agen (possibly) there have been times where lets say on a monday I've been LK 'hmmm I'm a bit itchy downstairs but I won't do NEthng coz it'll B gon pritE soon' and then 3/4 days latR low and Bhold problem so non-existant it's LK it was nevR there. If you've got it lite try doN nothN - if U got it luk. BMS

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    Not really dangerous as much as irritating, unless you exacerbate it to the point where you get open sores. But you'll know when to take a break and treat it before that happens.

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