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Thread: Happy New Year from Australia!

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    Default Happy New Year from Australia!

    Hello to all of you lovely people~ While it has yet to clock over to 2015 for most of you, it has done so already in Australia. While I spent my New Year's with family, food and plenty o' booze, I still looked back on this year and all the things I have accomplished and also reflected on the mistakes I have made and how to better myself from them.

    So while I promise to dish out some more padded drawings and spend more time with the fantastic people on here, I hope both I and all of you have a blast with 2015~!

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    Happy New Year, Silly Swampert! It's not even close to midnight here in 'Merica, but there's no stopping 2015 from arriving now.

    I'd say 2014 was a relatively good year for me. I joined ADISC, I visited my relatives and had some fun with them, I got no debilitating injuries this year ending my two-year-long streak of getting them, and I got a laptop this Christmas for college. Any achievements you'd like to share, SillySwampert?

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    It's been the new year here in Aus. For 3 days! Guess what - it's the same as last year - and loving it. I have met so many lovely people and hope to chat to many more.

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