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    What are the best kinds of diapers to buy. i know iv seen the ones that are full plastic on the back but idk what kind they are. and then which are better the abena xplus m4's or the molicare super-plus breifs? (all for overnight use)

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    Overnight use? The Abena M4's or actually, both would be perfect for overnight use and the M4's would be perfect for all day and late night until full capacity. Molicare superplus briefs are phasing out into cloth padding so you will only have a certain amount of time to obtain these before these disappear (Although I think a company will continue to make them but I'm not sure to be honest)

    There are several plastic diapers out there but only you can determine which one is the best because we all have our different taste when it comes to the one perfect diaper. Let's say I think the Abena M4 is the best cheap diaper on the market but others can say the Bellissimo is the best crinkly absorbent diaper on the universe, everyone has their own opinions and only you can choose.

    If you want my opinion,

    For high absorbency and fairly priced (Medical diaper w/ wetness strip) Abena M4

    For high absorbency and little bit expensive (Medical diaper/Completely white) Dry 24/7

    For high absorbency and expensive taste (Cute diaper/babyish) Bambino Bellissimo

    For average absorbency and fairly priced (Cute diaper/babyish) Snuggies

    For high absorbency and fairly cheap (Medical diaper w/ wetness strip) Absorbency Plus 4

    You just have to research and find out which diaper will you fall in love in. Do you want a cute diaper but have crazy absorbency or do you want a huge thick diaper with that crazy huggy feeling? Stuff it or search it. Only you have that perfect taste and only you can decide what your diaper's fate will be.

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    I'd like to correct you about the Molicare Super Plus ones, one of those folks at NorthShoreCare just confirmed that they have too much demand in the US for their plastic backed, so they aren't doing away with them. I would also throw in the house brand of the northshores, I wear them overnight and when needing a thicker diaper that lasts longer. Once Abena does their pricing increase next year, NorthShores or Molicares will be a lot more affordable. I always had a lot of issues with the Molicare ones clumping that I didn't run into with the Abena M4 or the Northshore Supreme ones.

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