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Thread: Best thick diaper for 24/7 wearer

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    Default Best thick diaper for 24/7 wearer

    for medical reasons i wear diapers 24/7 and are wondering what is the best thick diaper. I like a diaper that has good thickness and where i can tell im actually wearing. any suggestions would be great.

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    A good medical diaper is the Dry 24/7's with thick absorbency and leak guards.

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    I have to second that if you're in between medium and large in diaper sizing, Dry 24/7 fits perfectly, their mediums seem to be the missing size in the industry and I've been buying them since.

    There's a good selection of diapers on the internet.

    Bambino Belssimos have the widest crotch cut and it's probably the thickest feeling disposable diaper out there. It has a very high capacity. It has the softest inner liner, it's like sitting on a cloud. It has all the features you want in a diaper.

    North shore is an emerging contender. Their house brand is quite high on the list of many. I haven't tried these personally yet, but they have quite a following so far and capacity wise are right at the top. The price of these are more favorable to some.

    XP Medical also has their own brand and thicker than most brands. They lack some features but are still functional and they are also sold at a more reasonable rate.

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    I'm a big fan of the dry 24/7's. They fit me perfectly and have a good feel. That being said I don't wear 24/7 so I may not be the best source.

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    To add, I wear Goodnites Trufit inserts with mine and can last a long time. They help cut it to 2 diapers a day. Regularly no more than 3 changes per day. I tend to use all of the capacity before changing or I feel it was a waste. The key is not flooding them. If I let out small streams every now and then, they don't leak.

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    How does the 24/7 compare to say the abenas or molicare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mash9856 View Post
    How does the 24/7 compare to say the abenas or molicare?
    24/7's are different from the Abena's for the following reasons,

    More absorbency
    Plane white diaper while the abena is medical
    The diaper has stretchable front and back to adapt to the waist
    slightly thicker

    and with the molicare's

    it's not colored...

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    Im sure i asked in a diffrent post, but which one of the 3 are better for overnight use/everyday use?

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    I would have to say Dry 24/7 is the best out of the group. It has all of the features you'd want out of a diaper. The only thing that the others have, that Dry 24/7 doesn't, is a wetness indicator. Which I think to be useless for a high capacity diaper.

    Dry 24/7 has a higher capacity than both and aren't any bulkier than the others. They also don't clump up like the others.

    Abena's plastic is pretty weak and stretches rather easily.

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