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    What are your favorite apps to use when in little space?

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    I can't really think of any games or anything but I remember one time my friend downloaded a "toddler lock" for my phone, When you tapped the screen it would make stars and hearts and funny symbols and make noises but unless you did it the right way it would keep the phone locked.. problem was I couldn't unlock it and I wound up pretty blushy when I had to ask for help lol

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    I've used the time to potty app that pull ups has. I have used various diaper changing apps to keep the amount of diapers I use handy, some will even export them or sync with a cloud app so you can bring into an excel spreadsheet. Gives you a good idea of when you need to buy more diapers and it helps re-enforce the knowledge that you do wear diapers and use them frequently.

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    There's one I found last night that I haven't really played yet, called IF. It's some kind of, emotional development app that's also a game and it's voice acted and I think it has a story to it. But apparently you have to like buy something after you try the first chapter for free. But I think the thing you have to buy gives you access to some kind of, emotional development, learning to cope, curriculum from some doctors. Not sure how much that one time payment costs though.

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    I use White Noise Baby almost every night. It really helps with little space. I use Gray Noise exclusively.

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    Eh. There is lots of official apps for children's shows. If I needed a LG app, I would dig out one of the many Strawberry Shortcake ones myself. Maybe if I need to feel like I'm a little kid sitting in the back seat of mommy's car and we are going on errands..

    Hey, sounds fun.

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    Once, I downloaded a dress up app, although I delegated it, promptly.

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    No specific apps, but I have installed several childish themes (including of course ponies related). I get a mild thrill using it in public (very unlikely anyone can see the screen or make any of it out, but it still feels like everyone can)!

    Quote Originally Posted by KittyninjaW438 View Post
    although I delegated it, promptly.
    Sounds efficient ;p

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    iMommy and iMommy2 are cute apps for pretending to care for an infant and a toddler respectively.

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    Depends on what kind of age my Little headspace has reached. If I'm in infant mode, I just like prodding the screen on apps like PianoBall and Musical Hands and getting excited when they respond with sounds. If I want something a bit more toddlerish, I've got a couple of excellent Yo Gabba Gabba apps (including a baby-themed one which recreates the kind of pretend play Littles do with their dolls and/or plushies). I've got a few lullaby apps as well, which help me get to sleep, especially if I'm somewhere where I can't sleep with my plushies.

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