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    hello I am looking for a good Pull up diaper I have been wearing goodnites senice I was 8 but I cant take it Anymore I need to switch to a different brand. What I am looking for is a diaper that does not look like an old man diaper. need one that does not crinkle a whole lot this is for a night out or at work that holds a good amount please help

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    Probably not going to find a pull up that doesn't look like an old man diaper other than Goodnites, Underjams, and the even smaller and less absorbent Pull Ups and knockoffs of these. Possibly could try Tena (and I think Attends makes some too), though IMO they don't look all that great but YMMV. Definitely not going to find a pull up as nice looking as Goodnites/Underjams/etc. Unless there's an ABDL pull up out there somewhere, I think you're stuck with choosing between quality and appearance (though tbh most pull ups will be outclassed in quality by a high quality tape diaper like Abena, Molicare, Bambino, etc, plus with some like Bambino you def have the appearance part as well)

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    Most pull-up diapers don't have very good absorbency. For not looking like old man diapers, I would suggest the Depend Real Fit, which just looks like a pair of briefs. I know the ladies' version of these is pretty absorbent - it can handle a full wetting if you don't really have to go. It'll be an improvement over Goodnites, but you won't hit the absorbency of a tape up diaper.

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    You won't find any quite like Goodnites. They are unique in the industry. They have the best design.

    The adult pull up market is pretty terrible, they all pretty much look like granny panties, they have low capacity, they will not take a flood. Tena's men's underwear are terrible. The crotch is like a thong. They don't keep a seal around the legs. I was not blessed with a package, I'm on the small side and I haven't found a pull up that would support my smaller than average package. They'll Always be somewhat exposed and very vulnerable for leaks.

    You won't find anything like Goodnites. I think if you'd try some tape on diapers, you'll find they are better all the way around.

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