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    Hi everyone I have been using the superio diaper and I have noticed a foul Odor after there wet! Any ideas how to cover up this Odor? I do like this diaper but I can't wear it outside my home do to the odor. I use the Abena M4 when I leave home. I have zero bladder control and must use the diaper style the underwear/ pull-ups just don't work. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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    I've noticed this as well believe it or not. In my case it isn't extreme, but I certainly can smell myself when wet and it isn't pleasant -- I'm sure noticeably by others as well...

    I haven't found a great solution for it. GaryWear diaper covers work to some extent but it isn't perfect.
    Such a great diaper overall though. Hard to quit them.

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    Strange. I haven't noticed this too much. I guess next time I wear one of these I'll try to make sure. Is the smell different than just urine when you haven't drank enough water? I stay fairly hydrated, so maybe that's part of it too? I do know next month they are supposed to be releasing a new improved diaper, maybe they will have new odor control?

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