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    My girlfriend is wanting to introduce more bondage to our lives basically she likes being restrained, so I'm toying with the idea of a changing table for her designed so she is strapped in to it. I've been thinking a collar clip attached to the bed of the table with wrist cuffs attached to the collar also ankle cuffs attached to the edge of the surface I think. Has anyone seen anything like this I could sort of copy? Thanks

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    Sounds like a fine idea. Use a drill to drill some pilot holes, then thread some eyebolts into the table. Done and done.

    As for inspiration, well, there's always the internet and erotic imagery. Beyond that, though, think about different positions, activities, and spaces. Sure, a four-point spread-eagle on the bed/changing table is a great starting point. From there, though, think about alternatives. Do you have a space under the stairs that you don't really use or use just for storage? Put an eyebolt in there and/or a lock on the door and put her in there awhile. You could use the collar hook on the table as a leash point for a short leash, bind hands behind her, and have her kneel beside the table.

    The gist of it is to be creative, but safe. Communicate with her, make sure you're not harming her, but try some different positions, maybe something that causes discomfort after a time (a hogtie, for instance) if she's ok with mild stress, in different areas. It'll get boring for her after awhile if it's just the same thing on the changing table again and again.

    Communicate, be safe, and have fun!

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    Well I don't want a spread eagle set up which is why the wrist cuffs attach to her collar, also I'm going to keep the top surface that will support her body limited to her torso her legs will be bent at the knee with some platforms for her feet to rest on, or atleSt that's how my minds eye has it at the moment

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