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Thread: best way to be discreet

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    Default best way to be discreet

    I'm a bigger woman and I've tried different types but I feel like people know I'm wearing them. Any tips?

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    Form fitting underwear with loose clothing that doesn't advertise the bulge.

    Just to kind of assure you, normal everyday people are too caught up in their own world that they usually oblivious to any outside people. No one is going to specifically stare at people's butts to see if they are wearing diapers. I've worn Dry 24/7 diapers with stuffers in them. With the loose clothes that I wear, no one has noticed or they don't care. Ice never been in a situation when someone comes up to me to mention my diaper.

    I think it's the paranoia that keeps you on edge about all of this and is all in your mind. It's what I learned after wearing diapers in public.

    Unless you make it too obvious, you should be fine.

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    Like metalmann1983 said - unless you make it extremely obvious, nobody will even give you a second look. I have worn in public, my diaper has leaked in public, I have wore booster pads in diapers making them thicker - nobody has ever said anything to me. I usually wear jeans or jean shorts with a longer shirt, as far as the noise, I think I can hear it because I am wearing it. My fiance said she cant and she is right beside me. Your mind will play tricks on you only because you are self-conscious of wearing a diaper.

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