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Thread: Anyone else sleep better with diapers?

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    Default Anyone else sleep better with diapers?

    I'm not incontinent or such but last night(really morning, I crashed from 7:30-12:30. I don't know why I feel so well rested. Usually it takes 7-10 hours of comatose catatonic to even get the same effect but tonight I just felt like trying something new. Slept deeper, I feel great right now. Anyone else experience this? Just sleeping better diapered?

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    Did you wet as well ?
    I ask this as when i was doing nights i wore and wet 4 days in my sleep on the trot

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    I do find myself sleeping better while diapered. Initially it was the opposite, but I've got used to them and have a hard time wanting to sleep without them. It really helps when you have to get up to pee, less disruption to your sleep when you can just go and then go back to bed (I always regret not being diapered at night when I have to use the restroom).

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    I sleep in them occasionally. I remember my first time (which wasn't all that long ago) thinking of how cozy it feels. I'm not incontinent or anything either, but after spending the night in them I feel great. Wearing is also sort of a sensual thing for me so I tend to wake up in a good mood ;-).

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    For me sleeping diapered is much more comfortable and comforting. I feel quite complete diapered, kinda naked without it...and so sleep better padded up.

    Oh yeah, and waking up padded is awesome.

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    never had a chance to try sleeping in a diaper, but i do want to.

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    I sleep much better when diapered , and the bed isn't wet in the mornings either

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    I also sleep much much better in a diaper. Also a footed sleeper in Winter or a onesie in the Summertime help as well. I need the complete package, it just makes me so much more relaxed. Haven't tried it in quite awhile, but I know I would have trouble sleeping without being padded.

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    See for me it is almost the opposite. I am in constant fear that they will leak cause a mess. Therefore, I am always careful as to what position I am in laying down. I also have a very difficult time wetting in my diaper in the laying position. Anyway else is no problem.

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