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Thread: Best and worse diapers you had?

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    Default Best and worse diapers you had?

    Just wondering what some of the best and worse diapers you ever had from your own experience?

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    The worst? Back in the 1982 or there were these diapers called dry comfort or such. Hardly any absorbant material and stiff an crinkly.

    Best, the Abena level 4's (before they went to cloth) and the new Northshore Care replacements for these.

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    First Quality brand Nufit cloth backed briefs, got a case of 96 in the mediums. The tapes easily came off still being the right size, non refastenable like abena style taps, poor absorbencey for even a single light wetting, leaks to easily and clumps baldy. Price : $40.00

    The 2nd brand I've tried due to be short on cash was the McKesson poly backed diaper pretty much the same as the Nufit minus the tapes sliding off and clumping a little less . price $30.00 to $35.00 for a box of 96 in medium size
    The absolute crappiest I used I saved for last on my crappy list so far, these are assurance brand diapers from Walmart, there actually the pull up kind . These are the worst they have little to nothing for leg gathers, barely any absorbencey , leak and have oder way to easily, price $7.88 for a pack of 18 in size medium.

    Now for the best diapers I've tried :

    Abena M4
    Pros: this diaper is a very thirsty diaper, I wasn't used to the high capacity and couldn't help but check for leaks .

    No leaking

    This is a clothed backed diaper and the tapes that are refastenable stayed in place.

    No oder with pee

    Con's : noticeable bulk in the back, more so when wet

    Optional con : annoying wetness indictor

    Abena M3 plastic backed ( no longer in production )

    Same as M4 except two things and that is slightly less absorbencey and being plastic back .

    Bambino Bellissimo

    Pros: another thirsty diaper in the house babies.
    Babyish front panel designs that are ubber cute .
    Con ,Fit : these so far are a little awkward in fit I felt a gap in the front even with it being the correct sizing.

    Con, tapes : unlike the abena brand these do not have refastenable tapes and should due to the neck and neck pricing with abena . Result : once there off there off, tend to come off easier with the panel being a semigloss paper feel.

    North shore supreme diaper ( plastic backed )

    Pro's : super absorbent, refastenable taps, well made and high enough leak guards, leakage non so far , best fit I've found, great on oder protection with wetness ( be sure to drink healthy amounts of water the darker the smellier.)

    Con's : no elastic waist , noticeable diaper bulge ( will depend ( pi ) on the looseness of your pants .

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    Worst Kedall lille
    Best comficare L10 and good old cloth

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    @santa22 Good question!

    My worse ones hands down *prepares for hate mail* Goodnights for males. ... I say this only because theyre leak ratio for me, or the location i get them theyre leak ratio is about 82 percent chance.

    Now the PINK/BUTTERFLY ONES are diffrent. I am NOT a girl but i wear these in prefrence because they can absorb leaks much better for me, especially when im layng down, (and i do that a lot scince i am an RP sleepy baby) scince the padding is much diffrent at that angle. Plus it makes me feel cuter when playing with my stuffed fluttershy. Due to my weight aspect, I am able to put these on still. These pink princess pull-up-style would only be better if they came in tabbed versions, and i see myself ofteen making my own. I hear there are new designs but i think the classic pink with the butterflies and all that are BEST, and even theyre stealth-ability let me go past my coworker without getting seen, both one in pocket and one on.

    Bending at the knees ,not the waist help with this problem with other brands. The thickness gives you a sense of security, and doesnt impare your walking or chaffe to those within the proper range of weight (im 141 and the maximum is 130 and they are still comfortable, but ability to hold anything is lowered) Just remember that this diaper is made for dribbles, and in our case, babyish calmness without having to *ehem* put baby diapers in our underwear. <sensative conversation, sorry> Hope any of that this helps out a little bit.

    What makes a perfect diaper?for me, it is thickness, childish put-on, babyish look, snugness, and stealth
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    Best = Dry 24/7 (awesome in every way)

    Worst = Dignity PM (not awesome in any way)

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    Worst = Bambino for me just too gigantic for anything other then play time, which is limited
    Best = I must say I have not had a chance to try a large number of styles and brands, and every diaper has its purpose. But so far ABU diapers.

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    Best is Dry 24/7 which is what I wear all the time, a little on the noisy side but cannot beat the comfort and absorbency

    Worst was store bought depends - I might as well have been wearing regular underwear.

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    The best diaper I had was: Abena M4

    The worst diaper I had was: Underwear filled with toilet paper (Something I did when I was 13 )

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    Best would be comficare but I suppose Abena m4 plastic backed will always hold a special place in my heart as they were the first really good nappy I had encountered since I used to steal my little sisters pampers aged 5.
    Worst would be any cloth backed nappy you care to think of

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