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Thread: Done with NHS Supply Chain.

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    Default Done with NHS Supply Chain.

    For the last couple of years I've been in receipt of Euron/ID Slip pads/nappies through the NHS. I love the NHS, and it pains me to complain about the service but I feel I really have no choice now but to stop using them for my supplies.

    Until recently I was self-employed, which meant I had the luxury of being able to wait in while deliveries were made. These were less than trouble free but doable - more than once I had the driver shouting that he had a "delivery of pads" down my intercom. Not the sort of thing I'd like the neighbours to know about really.

    Anyway, this Spring I got a job which means I'm out 9-5. The long and short is there is now no way I can get them delivered to home, and no way am I going to get them delivered to work. I've tried twice to arrange a delivery for collection at local clinics - the first time it went to the wrong place, who forwarded it on to my local Doctors which also functions as a base for the district nurses - when I went to collect I was lectured about how I'd done x,y and z wrong and all this - they'd actually used a pack and a half of the 2 packs (god knows what for; they weren't exactly apologetic). All this was in front of the bloody waiting room - so indiscreet!!

    Anyway, that put me off the whole thing as you might imagine. Had my yearly appraisal with the continence nurse who noted that I had only ordered once in the year and I explained why. She must have forwarded it on to NHS Supply Chain as I then got a call from them who agreed to try again with the a different clinic who are supposedly more used to dealing with this stuff.

    I was told a date they'd be there and all this other stuff. Anyway, arrived and asked at reception - told them they had a package and they asked what it was - so here I am back in the same situation, discussing something I'd rather not discuss with somebody I don't know in front of a bloody waiting room full of people! Anyway, told him "pads" and after exchanging my name, NI number, full home address, mobile, twitter username and God knows what else he eventually scampered off and returned with a *massive* case of these nappies - 4 packs of 28! And they weren't in any way obscured. OK, so probably nobody looked and even if they did "iD Ultra Slip" probably doesn't mean anything to them, but still!

    Just done with it. It would be *so easy* to make the process discreet but they just haven't. I'm at the point where I think I'd just rather pay the price to have the privacy.

    Has anybody else had any experiences with NHS Supply Chain?

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    Wait, so the people that were meant to be safely holding onto your delivered goods just dug in and helped themselves to them while they awaited for you to come pick them up?

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    I guess they don't often have to deliver them to people like us who still work. I am lucky as I work from home and am always here to recive mine. I've never thought how I'd manage if I was at work every day.

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    sounds like a job for CityLink!

    Quote Originally Posted by Overnight View Post
    Has anybody else had any experiences with NHS Supply Chain?
    not on the receiving end. i've worked for a few firms which supplied NHS and it's just the case, as it is with any aspect of government, that there are too many people within who have never done any real work nor been exposed the rigours of the general markets (paid for results, no job security, etc) which lead to things like good performance and customer satisfaction.
    and their general ignorance and stupidity can be staggering. i know for a fact that they're often ripped-off by suppliers (who know their ignorance and stupidity) and it's suppliers who often dictate to them the quality and costs (usually low and high, respectively).

    and some years ago, after being given a course of antibiotics at the ER, i attempted to pay for the drugs: first by telecoms, only to be told that i'd have to go to a regional financial HQ and pay in cash; and then, at the HQ, with them being all, 'how do we deal with this? does anybody know? what do we do?' and my then waiting for 30 minutes i was told that they have no facility for taking payment.
    and then, they moan that people don't pay for prescriptions.

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