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Thread: Looking for my 'ideal' diaper

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    Default Looking for my 'ideal' diaper


    As the title suggests, I'm looking for what would best meet my criteria, and I'm not entirely sure how I should go about it. Any insight or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

    Ideally I'm looking for something that can be ordered via Amazon or anywhere else that is discreet with shipping.

    Primarily looking for good bulkiness, if I can get adequate bulk without a booster that would be great but I also realize that I can improve the bulk of any diaper with a booster, but having good bulk without needing to 'prepare' the diaper would be nice.

    Babyish patterns are a plus.

    A lower waist would be nice, near bellybutton would be awesome.

    Waist/hip is about 38-40, though I have meaty legs and so I'm currently using Certainty (walgreens) XL fitted briefs, since the L size doesn't offer adequate leg room.

    Cost is not a major concern, though I am hoping to not need to pay $3+ per diaper.

    Thanks all who take the time to share their experiences!

    I forgot to mention, I have some Tranquility ATN pull-on diapers and some ATN fitted briefs coming in the next couple days, plus a sample of M and L Bambino Bellissimo diapers.
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    Amazon has a lot to offer. You seem to be stuck in between sizes. Dry 24/7 mediums would probably fit you best. Bambinos however you would probably be needing size large because the mediums are too small. If you are looking for a premium diaper, that's the best in my opinion. If you are buying per case, you'll receive the best per piece pricing.

    Walgreens brand is quite thin. These should be quite an upgrade.

    I still wear booster pads with them because I love the bulk. The Goodnites Trufit inserts are great to add. They absorb quite a bit. They are quite cheap.

    XP Medical sells Dry 24/7 and other top brands. They always ship discreetly. They have free shipping for cases. They sell their own brand of diapers that's a good premium quality. also has discrete shipping. No additional charge for shipping either.

    Northshore is another shop with the same options. They have their own brand that's pretty highly rated amongst users.

    All these companies have a high reputation. Even the shipping labels say nothing about medical supplies. You really have nothing to worry about shopping outside of Amazon. If you can't find what you want there, other retailers are great options as well.
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    Thanks MeTaL!

    I'll have about 50 diapers here once the ones I just ordered arrive(and only so much room to store them), I anticipate it will take me about 15 or so weekdays to burn through my current supply. Definitely will check out those, capacity is not a huge concern but i change frequently with the Certainty diapers since they are a bit prone to leaking under a single good flooding. I'm trying to teach myself to wet lighter but more frequently, as my past job made it fairly difficult to take bathroom breaks whenever so I'm pretty much hard-wired for a 400+mL 'flooding' a couple times a day.

    With my thick legs usually dictating a larger size pant/underwear/diaper(40-48" underwear and diapers seem to follow suit), should I plan on going with X-plus Mediums or should I go with a Large?

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    Tranquility ATN is a good median brand. They are decent. They clump badly though and can become somewhat uncomfortable.
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    From what I can tell, the Certainty briefs are pretty horrible about having the pulp/SAP move around after flooded, it all seems to 'clump' in the crotch (if this is the same). After a single flooding almost all of the padding is gone from the front, and is instead down in the lowest part of the diaper. Certainly much worse than the GoodniteL/XLs I used to fit into, and even the Depends I tried a couple months ago.

    I'll see how bad the ATN briefs and pull-ons I ordered are by comparison, it may be that I move to the TotalDry X-Plus a little sooner if they're that bad.

    Thank you again for your insight!

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    Abena is a good brand as well but not my favorite. The plastic isn't very strong and can sag quite a bit. These can clump as well.

    The reason I mention Dry 24/7 mediums
    It's because they are on the bigger side. The panels are wider. The length is longer than most medium diapers. These fit me perfectly. If you are having leaking issues, it could be that you diapers are too big/long. When you sit, gaps form in the back where the crotch meets the panels. I've noticed since I'm in the smaller range of the large size, even Belssimos leaked on me when they shouldn't have.

    I also have large meaty legs and probably have the same issues as you. I'm a size 38 waist.

    You should try a sample of medium Dry 24/7 diapers. It is perfect for me and may be the best fit and has great features. It's never leaked on me when it shouldn't have. I can get a good 8 hours at least. I usually go through no more than 3 per day. You won't have a ridiculous rise either. I really encourage you to try these.

    I also recommend form fitting underwear like Underarmor stretchy underwear. They help keep things in place and paired with a onesie, it can make any diaper fit better and keep it from sagging.

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    Just ordered a sample pack of 2 of the 24/7 X-plus mediums. I can justify having an extra two on hand to try out :P

    Thank you again for the insight, I'll have to see how they fit. Looking forward to tomorrow, when the Tranquility diapers are due to arrive.

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    you'll have problems finding a "low cut" diaper that can handle wide leg calves. As the width of the diaper goes up, so does the length. Several brands of diapers have a long "dead zone" of blank plastic with no padding in the front and back, you can just trim that off and leave just an inch of dead plastic on the ends to low cut them, if you don't mind a little extra work. The XP Medical Absorbency Plus are one example, they have around 4" of dead plastic both in the front and back.

    The A+ are also fairly bulky, they have little to no sap (and no leak guards unfortunately) but have a very thick pulp padding. Those diapers are FLAT white, no patterns and no leak guards.

    XP Med has reliable and discrete shipping, and the A+ are pretty inexpensive. (I personally like how soft the shell is)

    I suspect you won't like the look or thinness of the ATN. I bet you love the large Belissimo. (tho they are 50% more expensive than the A+) I doubt you will be able to fit into the medium Belissimo. If you like the Belissimo, consider their other lines such as the Teddy and Classico. They are a little cheaper, have different front panels, and a somewhat less absorbent padding. Bambnio also has reliable discrete shipping, and freeship on cases.

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    Thanks Bambinod!

    After a bit of self-reflection about what I really want, the low-cut thing doesn't really make it as a necessary feature. Bulk is definitely a plus, if the ATNs don't deliver I may end up buying a couple boosters just to make them a little more enjoyable until they're gone.

    Do the A+ crinkle much,being a plastic back?

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