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    Hi everyone,

    I became quite recently incontinent so I'm wondering what kind of guards are good for protecting underwear. I got some cheap incontinence pads from doctor, but they leak quite easily. Any suggestions or recommendation? In addition, is there any large pads for night time use or should I just buy diapers? Thanks already in advance for the help.

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    Hi. It all depends on what type of incontinence you are experiencing really. How much are you flooding and how often etc. Maybe you can give us some more details?

    It also really depends what is available in your market/stores.

    Let us know and I'm sure you'll get loads of advice.

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    During the daytime I have dribbling or heavier often, but during the night heavy or flooding sometimes.

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    Heavy wetting or flooding needs a diaper, in my (admittedly not incontinent) experience. I find these work respectably well: CVS Fitted Briefs. If you go over to diaper reviews, in the article section, there are other products, but these are really cheap, and handle the first and second wets I give them without any trouble. They also have the super advantage of being available at any drugstore (CVS and walgreens' brands are identical). If you sleep on your side though, they will leak badly- an under-pad, mattress cover or a diaper with standing leak guards will help a lot more.

    Good luck, and welcome to ADISC.
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    Since your in Europe it's going to be harder for those of us in the US to answer your questions.
    You start checking at your local drug stores or equivalent and see what is available. Also your
    government might help getting the pads or diapers that you need. Also your Dr. might be able
    to answer your questions.

    Pads will work good for containing your dribbles during the day. I used them for several years
    myself. For nighttime I would go with diapers. That's what I used back then. Now I wear diapers

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    Tena is an excellent brand commonly available in Europe that has a range of absorbent products. Look at pads for dribbling, full briefs for flooding.

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    Err, I am incontinent and can say that in Europe you should have no difficulty finding Abena, Tena, Molicare, or Seni products, all of which are of high quality, and all of which I regularly use.


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    All of these answers have been advising so thanks also to Tygon and jdinvirginia.

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