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    I'm looking at adding to my collection of footed sleepers, and am planning on purchasing the "nursery print" one from their website. The photo of it shows a snappable tab over the zipper at the top by the collar, and this what I am looking for. However, the text describing the product makes no mention of this feature. Has anyone purchased these, and do they have the tab or not? If not, does anyone know where to get a sleeper with this feature? (I hate the zipper rubbing my neck!)

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    You should email them and ask. It is a rather new product. They usually reply pretty quickly. If they don't they may be out until after New Year's Day.

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    I got the new nursery print footed sleeper from Babypants today. I can confirm that it does have the zipper tab shown on the website. Seems like a quality product, I will try it out tonight.
    If only their "summer two piece" jammies were available!

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    Thank you, I'm going to go ahead and order one then. I've always had good luck with their stuff and their customer service as well.

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    The tab was added based on feedback they got for the initial jammies, so they try to be responsive to their clientele.

    I just asked them about the two-piece and they said that they would be working on it next.
    However, they have been showing it for over two years, so I will believe it (and buy it) when I see it.

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    I got two of them from a preorder, there was a huge delay in the shipping but it wasn't there fault.

    Its the best sleeper I've had so far. Finally beating another "baby" print one I got a while back 2 or so years ago even.

    The zipper's feel is a bit annoying on the leg, but it overall is perfect, wish it had a hood though.

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    I've always been impressed with baby pants products they're really high quality. I've read the description of the sleeper and the last time I checked it mention something about a locking zipper, is that what you're talking about?

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    No, the locking zipper is something altogether different. The "tab" over the zipper is just that.... a small fabric tab that snaps over the top of the zipper at the neck area, presumably to keep from rubbing the wearer's neck. It is similar to what most infant/toddler sleepers seem to have and adds another element of being similar to baby/toddler style clothing.

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    Got 2 baby pants onesies yesterday and there're very good quality and came in under a week to the uk

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    Their stuff is usually very good. I bought some cloth diapers from them a few years back and they were phenomenal!

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