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Thread: Pacifier Tips

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    Question Pacifier Tips

    Hey there got new pacifier at store for now before can afford adult pacifier. I would please like tips and suggestions for cleaning and such. Here is image of it Click image for larger version. 

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    I guess it depends on what kind of paci you have, but I tend to just wash mine in the dishwasher. Doesn't seem to hurt them and they come out nice and clean.

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    I've always boiled mine in some water on the stove, to clean them. I've always done it, since that was what was on the package for the first pacifier I ever got (Nuk 3), said to do.

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    I am going to second boiling. I've never thrown mine in the dishwasher. Just boil them for a few minutes when I first buy them and then every so often.

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    I'm under the impression boiling them is only employed for users with weak immune systems (e.g., babies), and even then not always necessary, so I just wash mine with soap & water, or brush them with my toothbrush in the morning.

    If you tend to drool a bit while using it, wearing chapstick is a good idea... I find I don't have too much of a problem with that lately, though.

    The best tip of all is to enjoy it! They're great for letting go of 'big' thoughts and relaxing~

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    Never thought of using chapstick before. That's a great idea! Thanks.

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    3 votes boiling. Dishwasher soap can have bad additives and stuff,, but my paci always floats when it is boiled,, so i put it nipple down and dip it with a spoon and let it sit a little bit

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    I can't boil i live with parents and i use dish detergent for my bottles so should be fine with a pacy to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BordercollieTrigger View Post
    I can't boil i live with parents and i use dish detergent for my bottles so should be fine with a pacy to.
    Just so you know, dish soap alone doesn't work for bottles. For pacifiers reserved for adult use, absolutely. But bottles do need to be scrubbed and even completely sterilized once in a while.

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    I wash with dish cloth my bottles and do it good. I do it often enough.

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