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Thread: I want to share something with all my LGBT, ABDL friends

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    Default I want to share something with all my LGBT, ABDL friends

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    This is the Littles and Baby Pride Symbol superimposed onto the LGBT Flag.

    I find that it represents a full expression of my sexuality, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

    The symbol has been around since 2002, and I discovered it the other day courtesy of the Big Little Podcast.

    All I did was superimpose the Baby Pride Symbol onto the LGBT flag as a complete expression of my sexuality as an LGBT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusBear View Post
    I made some small adjustments:

    Well, not sure what I expected but that's impressive.

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    I actually had a hand in creating this all those years ago, I emailed the designer with the idea of a white stripe in the heart so that it would be the army paramedic colors. The reason I thought this was a good idea is that alot of abdls have had a personal war within themselves, kind of like soldiers being injured in war and having to be healed, very cryptic. I subbmitted the suggestion anonomously and never expected it to be used, and in all fairness, I told a few of my online friends about it and they said the sent in the suggestion too, so it's not really ALL my idea. About 5-10 of my close friends also sent in the idea so I assume one of them was the one whos idea got picked, it was so long ago and I never thought anything came of it besides a logo, glad to know that our very minor suggestion was picked.

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    @MarcusBear: Oh my god. that's beautiful.

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    SonicZelda - You may find this true story to be entertaining:

    One day, "mako" (the creator of the ABDL Pride Logo) was sitting in His home office at an ABDL party that was hosted by His former wife, "MommyHAS".

    He told us about an idea that He'd had, of creating a "Pride" symbol for ABDLs, similar to the one used by the Leather Pride Community, that could be worn openly in various social settings to identify ourselves to one another. - We all agreed that was a great idea.

    He pulled a piece of 8 x 11 paper from the printer tray, grabbed a box of Crayola crayons, and drew a large circle on the paper with a black crayon. - Inside the circle, He drew a heart, and then drew two lines across it. - He colored the surrounding area of the heart red, and asked, "what does that look like ?"

    "It looks like Your diapered bum, while You are bending over cleaning the bathtub", i said, giggling. - We all laughed.

    He then began to color the area outside the heart with a blue crayon. - As He did so, a pretty young woman, "babyawdy", arrived at the corner of His desk, placed Her hand upon Her diapered hip, and said, "Blue is for BOYS. - What's about diaper GIRLS, huh ?" - There was more laughter.

    He hastily drew a diagonal slash across the background, and began to color the bottom portion pink. - "That's more better !", said the young woman, "but i like purple betterer." - There was more laughter.

    At the next party, "MommyHAS" had commissioned about 1,000 "Pride Pins" made of glass enameled brass, and was giving them to party attendees. - "mako" opened a "Pride Pin Store" on the internet, to sell them at cost. - That original die was misplaced before "MommyHAS" was able to re-order another batch, and the subsequent pins are acrylic printed and enameled.

    Recently, over the past few years, "mako" released the use of the "Pride Pin" to the "public domain", so that everyone may use it freely.

    Originally named the "Baby Pride Pin" by "mako", the symbol is now called the "ABDL Pride Pin", and it is used to represent the new "ABDL Awareness" effort, or campaign, in broad social media networks, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

    The intent of the symbol is an all inclusive "community" that already includes all cisgendered, transgendered, intersexed, sexual, nonsexual, incontinent, adult infantilists, and diaper fetishists with ABDL interests. - EVERYONE -

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