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    A topic that i have not seen if anyone on here parents are divorced how did that make you feel? My parents left each other when i was 3 still has a toll on me today

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    I didn't experience divorce in my family, but my Mother did very suddenly when I was a kid, so we went from being a 2-parent family to a single parent family overnight, without anyone having seen it coming. It's an extremely difficult and disconcerting feeling to find the family unit which has made you feel stable and loved suddenly come apart at the seams. I think it's natural that a parental divorce or bereavement, especially during childhood, will have a long-lasting effect on you, especially as it happens during a time where your brain isn't quite equipped to deal with what serious concepts like divorce and death mean.

    I still think about my Mum a lot, especially during family gatherings, when I feel the weight of how much she's missed out on. I doubt I'll ever stop experiencing that. I'd imagine there's some parallels with divorce, where you think about the things which your family as you knew it missed out on. I think we have to move on from traumatic events, without ever fully putting them behind us. It's important to be aware of how our experiences have shaped us, without being defined by the hurt or resentment which followed.

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