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Thread: Taking Diapers to Canada

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    Default Taking Diapers to Canada

    I'm planning a trip with my girlfriend (Mommy/Baby Girl) to Canada for Valentine's Day. We'd like to take some diapers and supplies with us, but we're just a little nervous about the border crossing and everything. Do they search your car, luggage, etc? Anyone have any experiences with this?

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    They can search your car, but they're looking for alcohol mainly and also checking you haven't bought too much stuff in the US if you've only been on a visit.

    They're not going to say anything about diapers and supplies. Nothing illegal there.

    They probably won't even register the fact you have them. There's no reason for them to even care.

    Go for it and have a fantastic time in an amazing country.

    Where are you planning to visit? There are some really beautiful parts of Canada.

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    If you don't give them a reason to search, they probably won't.

    OTOH, if you DO give them a reason to search, things can go really bad.

    Friend of mine was going north to visit family, and he had taken a lock of hair from his GF with him as a good-luck charm. (he was a bit supersticious) Anyway, apparently a lock of hair in a sandwich ziplock is enough to freak them out at the border. They took his entire car apart searching for anything else. Maybe they were looking for evidence of a murder or something. Dunno.

    And I do mean they took it apart. Every part of the interior (seats included) was on the asphalt by the time they were done. They had completely disassembled the seats. Anything the size of a marble or larger they'd have found if it had been anywhere inside the cab, behind panels, inside foam, whatever.

    So after they failed to find anything genuinely illegal, they told him he could go. Not that the car was drivable at that point. They're NOT obligated to reassemble your car, which I think is complete BS. But they did let him use their tools to put things somewhat back together himself. He got it together enough to be drivable to get where he was going so he could reassemble it properly.

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    Generally, getting into Canada is easier than getting back into the United States. Most of the time, the biggest worry you'll have is getting a border agent that speaks in a heavy French accent that you'll have trouble understanding.

    Of course, they can search your car if they have reason to believe you're up to something illegal. Like BambinoD said, they tear the car apart when they do. Back in 2008, I was on my way to Vermont for one of the DiaperFests. It was my first time going to an event like that, so I was already nervous, and I hadn't crossed the border in a couple of years, so I was extra nervous anyway. I was leaving after work, and I figured I'd drive about half way, sleep, then finish the drive (which I was expecting to be 12 hours or so and would have been 15 had I gone down around the lakes in the U.S.). I got to the border about 7:00 p.m. and told them I was heading to Toronto (I didn't really want to tell them I was going to a big diaper party in Vermont). Apparently I was nervous enough to make them think I was up to something. Of course, I had a suitcase full of plastic pants, a couple of pacis, onesies, and a steel collar with 2-inch spikes. I also had a case of Bambinos in the car, as I was too lazy to break some out and pack them into another bag, as well as my stroller (a Convaid special needs stroller).

    They tore the car apart. Oh man did they tear the car apart. If there was anything to find, they were going to find it. And they did. Turned out the set of lockpicks I couldn't find were in the overhead cubby hole in my car. By 9:30 that night, the interior of my car and all that had been in it were spread across three parking spaces for all the world to see. Of course, they found the diapers and pacis and the rest of it. Because of the lockpicks and the spiked collar (which they considered a weapon), they opted to deny me entry. But, they actually helped me put my car back together! The agents were actually pretty pleasant to deal with, and I think they realized I was mortified by the whole thing.

    The three border agents, at the end of it all, pulled me aside and told me, "You know, we're federal agents working at the busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada. We search thousands of vehicles per day. If you're straight with us, we'll be straight with you. We don't have time to worry about what everybody does in their private time. I then had to go in and deal with the immigration people, that harassed me about how much money I had on me, what I do for work, that if I was going to be working in Canada I needed a work permit and if I was working without a work permit I'd be in big trouble and bla bla blah.

    So, over three hours later, I went home to leave my lockpicks and spiked collar. The next day, I woke up early, hit the border at 3:30 a.m., got a bit of a chuckle as the immigration officer in the office read the notes from earlier, and then was allowed to continue on. I also realized that if I could survive that kind of experience and exposure, I could survive anything.

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    I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada luve canada never move out of it.

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    I've crossed the Canada/US border lots of times. As GoldDragon says, they're usually more relaxed for entering Canada, and if you're an American citizen, they may be nicer to you on the US side than they usually are to me. I've never had my car searched, but then I've never brought ABDL stuff over the border. That said, I've had lots of luggage before, and they could have chosen to. Honestly, just relax and be calm. Even if they chose to search you, you can easily tell them that diapers are for a medical condition, and they probably won't care (diapers aren't a weapon, after all). Really, as long as you don't bring anything weapon-like or any drugs/alcohol, I doubt you'll have any problems. Just stay relaxed and remember that you're doing nothing illegal. And I guess don't bring any spiked collars...I never even thought about how that could be considered a weapon!

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    They don't care about your diapers, there not drugs of any kind and you can just say your incontinence, just wear them as you cross the border. Make sure your not traveling with anyone that has a criminal record as they will find out and turn you around.

    Are you coming into Canada from Windsor?
    If so check this place out,

    Have fun

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    Thanks for all the info guys! To answer where we're going, we're heading up to Niagara Falls for the weekend. It's going to be our first trip together!

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    That sounds awesome! I've been there before and it's beautiful (and lots of touristy things to do if you like that sort of thjng). Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaddyLuca View Post
    Thanks for all the info guys! To answer where we're going, we're heading up to Niagara Falls for the weekend. It's going to be our first trip together!
    Niagara Falls is a lovely day. The falls themselves are definitely prettier from Canada. There's plenty to do around there.

    Are you crossing through Detroit or going up through New York? If you cross at Detroit, don't use the Ambassador Bridge. Besides being owned by the living personification of C. Montgomery Burns, it is the preferred route for truck traffic, and as such, it usually has long lines Use the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel or go up through Port Huron and Sarnia instead. Both Detroit/Windsor and Port Huron/Sarnia are about the same distance from Detroit to London. The 401 is a long long stretch of boring cruising at 109 km/h (since the OPP loves to patrol it looking for Americans accustomed to civilized speed limits). The 402 takes you through the woods.

    At any rate, enjoy the trip!

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