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Thread: DiaperBuys Discreet Shipping?

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    Default DiaperBuys Discreet Shipping?

    Exactly what the title says. I am aware that there are other threads on here about the site and it's shipping policies, however no definitive answers were provided on them.

    Also, if you haven't check the site out Discreet shipping or not, 15% off for a limited time and FREE SHIPPING. Thought I should let you guys know.

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    Here is a thread that I posted a while back about this - it appears they do have discreet shipping (read through the whole thread).

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    I've ordered through them once and my package came in a plain brown box that didn't have the website name anywhere on the box or label, so from my experiences they have discreet shipping

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    My experience with is that they do have discreet shipping.

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