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    So as I only really started exploring this stuff in terms of what I want to do, I'm still fairly new.
    The AB stuff interests me and I've dabbled in some of it since joining.
    So what I wanted to ask what was everyone's first experiences as being an AB? How did you go about expressing it?
    Would love to hear other peoples responses

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    I had to think about this for several minutes.

    I am going to assume you mean besides wearing diapers, since that is more of a DL thing than AB.

    Many kids start sucking their thumbs very early and then give it up. I never did, so I will ignore that aspect for me as well.

    So for me, the first AB activity was getting and using a pacifier (or dummy, if you prefer). I was in the local supermarket for my normal grocery shopping and stopped in front of the baby items and quickly chose a pacifier from the display. I then went to the checkout line with the pacifier and my regular groceries. I was a little nervous but not in a freak-out way. At home, I opened the pacifier package and put the pacifier in my month. It was special and I felt ‘little’ but in the end I decided I preferred sucking my thumb.

    To this day, I use a pacifier at times but I prefer my thumb.

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    Yea I did want to know more about the AB side of things. Ive started sucking my thumb but I do want to get a pacifier, just when Im doing stuff I use both hands.

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    I've always been childish, colored, plate with toys and that kind if thing so I won't go into that too much.

    Regression and identifying as an adult baby came later in life. It was when I first joined this site actually. I was reading other people's stories and thinking "holy crap that's me!" and I felt this NEED to have a pacifier and a sippy cup so I went to the store and I bought them,

    I came home and tore into them and felt nothing. So I figured maybe I did something wrong.

    Then I felt this absolute desire to turn my room into a kids room and I did. It took me about an afternoon to do it.

    I was sitting on my bed, my feet swinging over the side, not able to touch the ground, pacifier in my mouth and playing with my teddy bear and that was the first time I really felt little and like an adult baby.

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    When I first started out I was just a DL and I always liked diapers. Overtime I got curious about pacifier and I bought one and I really enjoyed it. Some more time passed and I felt a need to buy a plushie to hug and to sleep with at night so I did it and I again enjoyed it and that was when I knew that I was an AB.

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