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Thread: AB/DL/Babyfur Conventions/Munches in Washington?

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    Question AB/DL/Babyfur Conventions/Munches in Washington?

    Hewwos everybody! ^w^ I'm new to the community but stumbled across this site looking for AB cons in my state. I'm pretty shy about my baby side but my mommy wants to learn about how my babyfur side works and kinda jump into my little world so a convention seems like a good way to go. I've seen some cool stuff on the east coast like TeddyCon but can't find anything in WA so I was hoping somebody on here might know of something.
    Fanks for helpings ^w^ - Wolfy

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    Capcon is in Chicago.
    Fetlife has a lot where your at a lot of cubs live there.
    Rainfurest has a lot of babyfurs attending .
    Hugs your way.

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    Rainfurrest is the big con in the area, and by a happy coincidence it is also very BF friendly. There's also Vancoufur and Furlandia in Vancouver, BC, and Portland, OR, respectively if you can't wait. I've never been to either but they seem to be nice, smaller con's.

    There are a lot of BFs in the Seattle area. I would say it's worth looking around on Twitter if you aren't well acquainted. If you're elsewhere in the state, it's going to be a little more work but I'm sure you'll find some around.

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    Yeah I am hoping I can attend RainFurrest this year :P Missed it the last 2 years and one year I even got reservations. Thanks for the advice ^_^

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