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    I have a lot of difficulty with holidays. I close myself away and hide from the world. This is the first x-mas in 7 years that I had a chance to spend with someone I love. Instead of making the most of it with my partner I hide away under the bed covers. My partner is disappointed and I'm stuck in a depressive loop.

    Does anyone else ever have these troubles during the holidays?

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    Yes I have been fighting with depression the whole week. I am doing much better today because the anxiety of getting everything has subsided.

    So of the tricks is grounding exercises and making every effort to be in the moment and not dwell on the depression feelings.

    The other thing is to talk to your significant other and explain to her what and why you feel this way. That is one of the best coping mechanism, because I am sure that they will be more then understanding and help make a NEW holiday memory for you to use from here on out to get through the holidays. This is what my wife has done for me, and I can always think about the fun we have had for the last 10 years.

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    Yes, even though I happily return to see my family during the holiday season, it's hard to fight off depression that comes during this season. I find that being around my family can break open old wounds, and it reminds me that nothing ever changes with them, which is a source of pain for me. Sometimes the petty fighting and lack of empathy cause me to want to retreat and spend my days alone.

    I hope your depression improves. I know that a myriad of factors can contribute to these feelings during the holidays, but talking with your partner might help. If not, I hope that by reaching out here you realize you're not alone in feeling this way.

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    Do I... all my memories around Christmas are linked to a dysfunctional family surrounded by empty alcohol bottles. It is NO wonder I hate Christmas and all the excessive drinking and materialism. Christmas Eve with my best friend, a simple dinner with family on Christmas Day, a glass of wine is fine, I am the only one that is dry, 25+ years now, and it is tolerable, but I can't wait for it to all be over. Wish I had an upbringing like my friends had, in a normal family house, doing normal family things. If people around me had seen what I have had to live through, they would start to figure out why I am like I am. I would rather just stay in and hide too :-(

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    I think many of us feel depressed during the holidays. The ideal of a warm, loving family with everyone together is achieved by very few. Even the people with warm loving families worry about whether they're doing enough to provide for their children, whether they're really happy, and whether they're measuring up to their own hopes and dreams. All of which tends to make people depressed.

    Hiding isn't the way to handle it though. As you yourself state, it's a depressive loop. That can be hard to break out of, but the fact that you have someone you love is a good first step. Why not do something with the person you love over the next couple days? Celebrate Boxing Day, or simply go out this weekend and spend time with each other without the need to try and measure yourself against some imagined happiness that you're supposed to have on the holiday. If you're depressed and having trouble, ask the person to come and get you, and help you get ready to go out. That can make it much easier.

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    Your not alone me too.
    I just want to dig a hole drop in it cover me up.
    Do explain to your mate it's not something you can help .
    Just extra love and caring over time will help you enjoy it.

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