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Thread: Another Snuggies Review.....sans pics

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    Default Another Snuggies Review.....sans pics

    Two reviews are better than one right?

    Package Appearance: Whoever designed the packaging should get some sort of gold star from the ABDL community. I mean the idea of designing the packaging to look like actual baby diapers is beyond me.

    Diaper looks: It looks thin. Take a Cushies and Molicare and stick the Waddler in the middle as far as thickness goes. This though is where the diaper is deceiving.

    Function: I wore till I leaked(pee only). The first wetting was with my penis pointing up in the diaper. I flooded it and it took it like a champ. I repositioned myself and went pee'd another 2 times. The diaper was visibly swollen at this point. One more wetting and it leaked from the back(sitting down). Granted it doesn't hold as much as a Bambino(the benchmark), it did wick the pee throughout the diaper, so you "didn't waste" any padding.

    Fit: Totally dependent on the individual. It works for me though, and I have trouble getting a good fit with Bambino's. The word "Snuggies" is kinda appropriate here, as the diaper somewhat stretches to fit, almost like normal baby diapers. When I put mine on, it was easy to forget that you were wearing an actual diaper.

    Tapes: Ahh....I hate tapes---where good diapers go to die--. My normal go to is duct-tape to get a snug fit. I NEVER had to touch the stuff when I put the diaper on. The tapes held, sitting, standing, laying down...and all through the night. In fact when the diaper was weighed down with pee....the plastic came apart first. The tape was still stuck to the landing zone!!!

    Downsides: The plastic is not what you would call "typical." It's textured like fine sandpaper. It's still plastic, but it feels more cloth like than Abena, Bambino, Dry24/7, Molicare....etc. I thought it was going to suck, but it's easy to get used to. They don't hold as much as the 3 big hitters(Drycare, Abena and Bambino), but that's not the point of their design. The cost per diaper is up in the air right now, since I'm sure they will change pricing in the future(and maybe even new designs).

    Ending thoughts: Snuggies hit a home run with their first product as they lived up to the hype(what the idea of snuggies had been around for ages!) The company seems to legitimately care about making the experience of wearing their products the best possible. Since ABU is on a shaky boat, I'll say that Snuggies came in and took the "all over print" play diaper market by storm. If you want a really absorbent Snuggies, I'd add a booster to it....and it would be near perfection.

    On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the worst.....I'll give them an 8.

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    I have looked at them online, I may have to order a package. At least the shipping isn't horrible like cuddlz ($35.00 to USA)

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    Agreed, good all-around diaper, basically an upgraded Pampers.

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    I really liked your review. Definitely helps to hear from as many people as possible. I like your style of writing a lot, and think you should do this more often! ^_^

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