It's coming up to the end of the year and although that can be standard for most it's rather exciting for me. Come the 2nd of January 2015 I'll have been an Adisc member for exactly 365 days...1. whoop whoop and 2. blimey has it been that long? It's flown by! I think however that I'll remind you all more of my personal Adisc story/history ither on my anniversary day or as near as damn it afterwards. I'm planning on doing another 'famous female-cartoon in a nappy' project and absolutely selected my nxt candidate minutes ago, finally I've an item of big personal news to drop and I really want to do that before 2014 becomes not-a-thing/presence/etc. etc. - all that said there's a big issue hanging over all three of the things I've just listed: an anniversary day perspective-ry piece, the art project and the large piece of news......I'm still battling computer related issues so unfortunately things aren't going to happen quickly and I apolergise for fact if I'm going to be brutally honest some or one thing (!) may not happen at all...the art piece. It's difficult (and interesting) for me to make my art pieces...on one hand I've got an old paint program and some modern functions aren't there though that sed I don't want to cheat too much coz I feel I'm shorting you (my audyens) out (shorting out may not be the correct term but I'm going with it anyway)...add into the mix the fact I procrastinate a lot and my current computer problems and it's quite easy to see Y I don't hav hi hopes 4 the art proj'. Only time'll tell but I do ask you all to be patient with see in no way shape or form do I want to stop talking and debating with you all...or opinion-ating...or being the spark to big firework-ical Adisc topics (for example in my short time on this site I've called for a Tena boycott - which generated about 11 pages of feedback, chat and challenge in an eye-watering-ly quick time - almost like going viral if that's somethng [email protected] exists in Adiscland...and started off another much more serious topic which I'll talk about more in my in coming (hopefulE - ha ha) look-back). So hng on in ther please, I really do thnk itL B wrth it. Also my Blated Chrismas wishes to you all as well. bringmesunshine