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Thread: Best Diaper Value

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    Default Best Diaper Value

    So what is the best deal you've gotten buying diapers online? By that I mean the lowest price per diaper. The diapers don't have to be great just functional. Did you regret buying cheaper diapers or was it worth it because of how many more you got?

    The lowest price I have been able to find was 49 cents a diaper and that was for wallgreens brand briefs in the large package. I think its a pretty good deal cause I've used these and there not too bad (but not very good) they hold one wetting just fine and are good for wearing in public cause there completely noiseless under clothes.

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    The lowest price I got was $5/case on eBay. I guess someone had to get rid of a lot of diapers really fast. I bought two cases. The first one was actually pretty good, but the 2nd was cloth covered. I still have a bunch of those left.

    $5/case / 72 diapers/case = ~7 cents/diaper.

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    Damn, I forgot about ebay. But when you factor in shipping a lot of the items aren't that much of a deal.
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    I would say a case of attends for like 60 bucks and the case came with 96 of them.

    Of course right now I think the best deal is a case of dry 24/7's for 75 bucks for 72 diapers.

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    hmm.. id say Classy Comfort, a bag of 8 for $32 :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    hmm.. id say Classy Comfort, a bag of 8 for $32 :P
    lol...........who the hell at that company thought it would be a great idea to charge $4 per diaper?

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    According to Classy Comforts site, you also have to be 18 to order their diapers. Now that's what I call adult briefs .

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    68 diapers for free. But they weren't effective diapers.

    I bought a case of diapers, and they were the second worst diapers I have ever gotten. I complained to the company, they refunded my money. I managed to sell 4 for a dollar on ebay after several tries. Oh well. I ended up throwing them all away.

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    I can't say I've ever run into any awesome deals, but the best value that I have been able to find is a case of 72 dry 24/7's for $75. They are significantly higher quality than store bought diapers that are roughly the same price.

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