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    Default Realistic Desires from Significant other..

    So, ive been thinking for awhile about if i ever end up in a relationship where i can reveal my DL tendencies, what realistically i would want from a (understanding and willing ) partner. Turns out its less than i though.
    that said, my enjoyment stems mainly just from bedwetting/diapers in a comfort way more than sexual (except for when V stressed and its more a need to keep the sheets dry).

    So. My wishes.
    - tape me into a nappy at night
    - occasional chastising if i have to many cups of tea before bed.
    - making sure i dont fall asleep on the couch and saying 'bed and nappy time'

    I thought itd be more than that honestly. But im pretty private in the morning, wet nights and soggy nappies i can deal with alone.

    What are yours?

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    I want the exact same thing....but she wont lol

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    My wife engages at a modest level, and I'm happy with that. I'm mostly private, though less, as of late. I get to go to bed diapered and wet, so I have no complaints.

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    While I wouldn't mind my gf wearing, or changing her, I typically keep my changing to myself (even considering past relationship where this was a shared event). I mean, if she wanted to change me, I'd probably be awkward about it but I'd probably let her just because I'm a pushover. But yeah, I just wish I didn't have to shoo her out of the room to change since she doesn't want to see any of this kind of stuff . Would also be nice to go pantsless or even wear a dress when she's around, buuuuut shit happens. No pun intended.

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    I dunno, really. I feel like I'd want to explore it. Being allowed to wear around her is the only thing I'd definitely want, but past that, I think it would depend on the person. A partner who was interested in a caretaker role is something I'd be willing to figure out together as there's a fair number of things I think I might enjoy such as little clothes at home, more engaged diaper changes, and being read a story. None of them really jump out as me as a necessary thing I'd definitely want though and there are some things, like bottles and pacifiers, that just don't interest me at all (though if a partner really wanted them as props, I'd probably be okay with that).

    I also think that partners can run a pretty wide range. There are people out there for whom full baby treatment might be a realistic request, though they're likely fewer in number than the people who would be willing to tolerate wearing diapers but have little interest in anything else related to it.

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    It's good to be aware of exactly what you want. Certainly better than just having this nebulous sense of 'need' floating around your head. And it makes it much easier to actually tell your partner your desires if you yourself can articulate them!

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