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Thread: these look cute any revews or insight

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    All I know is that DC amor is going to be changing the theme of the prints of those diapers in February along with improvements to the basic design of the diaper itself. There's a thread about it somewhere but I can't remember which one it was. I think it's under diaper talk but I could be wrong about that.

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    thanks guys such cute diapers but seems they fail on the tape ill wait till feb just orderd my first batch of cuddlz and a cuddlz all in one XD im gonna be verry padded

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    I tried out these a few months ago. They aren't bad, and are very cute. They are a bit expensive, and the ones I had seemed to run a little large.

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    I too have tried cuddlz diapers and I reallly liked the all-over print but found them to be prohibitively expensive because of the shipping cost to the U.S. As far as quality, I find them to be comparable to ABUniverse cushies which I also liked because of the over-all print.

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    I must recommend a NO BUY on these. I got a small pack yesterday. The tapes do not stick AT ALL. On top of that even heavy duty tape slips off the material. Its impossible to keep them on. On top of that the design is not very comfortable. I know a lot of changes are coming, and I would love to see a all pink sissy type diaper, but this one simply does not work.

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    I too echo the bad tapes comments. But other than that, I would say these are really cute and fluffy sissy diapers. I have read that the tape zone will feature a more babyish design in the future and look forward to that. But they are pretty absorbent and above all... THEY ARE ALL PINK!! What better for the cutest of sissy babies? I love them!

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