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Thread: Aww soo cute shipment

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    Default Aww soo cute shipment

    Hello I was wondering about how long does a shipment take to Arive

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    You should receive a shipping number when they have ship it.

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    Yes I revived it but I want to know roughly how long does it take day wise

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    Their shipments come out of Arizona and depending on who they used USPS or UPS will depend on the holidays.
    You also have to factor in where you live.

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    I live in Memphis and not during the holidays how long does it take

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    Way dont check where the package is? If it is close where you live i think you should get it next businesses day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleabjames View Post
    I live in Memphis and not during the holidays how long does it take
    It could take up to five to seven days depending on the day of the week it was shipped.
    Also have to factor in the weekend. Unless you pay for premium freight, most of it don't
    move on Sat. or Sunday.

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