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Thread: a makeshift diaper that works

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    Default a makeshift diaper that works

    I made a makeshift cloth diaper. You need a mattress cover lying around. I'm sure theres a better word for it, but i cant think of it. Anyway its the sheet you put on first that streches underneath the bed. You cut the sides off the sheet. Then, you cut 2 peices that are 20 in by 20 out of the material. You then cut them into the shape of a disposable diaper. Use both peices at once and put on with pins. I would use two trashbags for plastic pants. Wash like any other cothing and use it again

    I may post a pic, but im kinda wearing it right now lol.

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    Sounds like that might work pretty well. I don't think I'll try it though cause I don't want to cut my matress pad. When ever I'm out of disposables I usually just take a towel and fold it up like a diaper then use a trash bag over it, a towel can hold a crazy amount, although it is extremely bulky.

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    Its worth getting a new matters cover for diapers vs using old matteres cover and getting a new one for the bed. that way u can think of what cover would make the best diaper

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    Or you could just buy some diapers :-p LOL. Actually when I was in my teens I used to make diapers out of a towel, kleenex, and a tall white kitchen garbage bag. I'd use masking tape as the tapes. It workd pretty well at the time. When I was 16 and could drive I started to go one or two towns over and I'd buy the biggest Pampers they made at the time. They didn't fit all the way but I could put underwear on over them and that worked pretty well.

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    If you're going to put all that effort into it, why not go buy some fabric at a fabric store? Just buy a couple of lengths, you can still use the bags for plastic pants if you want, but I would really invest in some plastic pants if I were you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonthebeast View Post
    I made a makeshift cloth diaper. You need a mattress cover lying around. I'm sure theres a better word for it, but i cant think of it.
    It's a fitted sheet, then comes the top/flat sheet. A mattress cover is like a extra, thicker, slightly absorbent sheet that goes under your fitted sheet to protect your mattress from spills or other liquids

    Just clarifying for anyone who wanted to try this because if they went out and bought a mattress cover they would have a time getting it to work, it's hard enough to fold in half.

    BTW, sheets, fitted or flat, can be bought really really cheap at Goodwill, for like a $1-$1.50 each. Just wash them at least twice before using.
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