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    It's now Xbox did anyone buy it? I bought it and am enjoying it.

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    I'm not going to buy it, the ending leaked over a week ago and with all of the little clips I've seen over CNN even with no audio. It seems like Dave Skylark (Franco) gets all buddy buddy with Kim Jong Un, he gets to pilot a tank, is given a puppy, etc. so I'm thinking a twist is Dave Skylark turns on his producer (rogen) and sides/joins North Koera. Also near the end Rogen also pilots a tank (or is in one as it moves) and if you seen the leaked scene you know what happens with that. should of released during aruhest/september like it should have. But Sony Pictures didn't want it out when Marvel's Guardians was.

    Ended up watching it, All I say is I enjoined the first half more and the second half is the "honeydick" of the movie. The actor playing Kim looked like him enough, but the English sounded american with too much of a forced accent to it.
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