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Thread: Have you brought your self a present ?

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    Default Have you brought your self a present ?

    As I sit here in my new plastic pant's and onesie I brought my self for Christmas I thought has any one else brought them little self's a present for Christmas ?

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    Tooo many personal presents. For both the adult and the baby. I got myself cloth diapers twice, and a new TV from black Friday.

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    No, I haven't been having the best christmas this year, but I managed to save up for a Palm M100, so I guess that's something.

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    Nothing this year. I often wind up picking up something for myself that I'm sure no one else would buy for me while I'm out Christmas shopping. I rarely go shopping in a dedicated way, so if something jumps out at me, I take the opportunity. This year, I had pretty good luck and didn't have to hit general department stores, so there wasn't anything I saw (AB or adult) that appealed.

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    My new PUL panties from CTDC and Dependeco.

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    I never had a dollhouse when I was a little girl so I bought myself one, wrappe it up an put it under the tree. I even got a horse drawn carriage to go with it (it's a Barbie castle) I'm super excited!!!!

    I get to open it in the morning!!!!!

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    Merry Christmas all,

    The gift for myself was two bags of Abena level 4's. I found them on sale on amazon for $17.00 a bag with free shipping. And since I got a $25 dollar gift card for Amazon for Christmas, I got them for practically nothing. Came to like 3 dollars over the card. Not bad. Although I live in a odd family. We opened presents on the 16th of December. Everyone in the house was done shopping so everyone decided what the hell and we opened everything early. I was quite the good boy this year apparently. Among some baby things I got a few gift cards, playdoh, protective case for my kindle fire I got last year, a book on what dreams subjects in dreams mean, a keyboard that glows in the dark, a new computer with a kicking graphics card and 12gig's of ram which plays WOW flawlessly , I got a new Motorola Moto E cell phone from my AB daddy, headphones and a stocking full of candies. So yea, me was a good boy this year **runs around high off the sugar from da stocking** Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

    -Baby Stanley

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