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Thread: Good Nights Tru Fit refill packs in Adult Diapees

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    Wink Good Nights Tru Fit refill packs in Adult Diapees

    How well do the goodnight trufit refill pads work used one today in my Tena Super Briefs. They are magic and work so well, make diapee swell very much and make use of all it's absorbency. I would like more advice will get more after christmas. I liek know how much they absorb from experience and how effective they are as liners so far so good.

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    I've been using them since they arrived in Wal-Mart stores. I'm on my sixth pack. One Nick pick is how narrow it is in the middle, but for the price they are worth it.

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    They work great. Are a very affordable booster. And make my Molicares thick and comfy.

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    Which do you think works better as a stuffer/booster, baby diapers like Pampers Cruisers or the Goodnights trufit?

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    I though about getting some for that but saw that they cost about three times as much as actual booster pads.

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    They are magic get so poofy you can be a waddle but. Im not kidding it could have happened yesterday.

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    I bought the refill pack a few days ago because they were on sale at CVS. I use them as booster pads for my Prevail Underwear and they really get the job done!

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    I use them in my diapers and other than not having adhesive -- I think they're super nice. They swell a ton and are Extremely absorbent. I haven't had a problem with them staying in place.

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    They are actually very amazing for what they are, and being that not many stores actually sell booster pads on their shelves, they are wonderful. And, as BordercollieTrigger said, they hold a lot and the way they swell is the best. Love em.

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