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    Hi Im wondering if anyone new what happened to either comco company's . I always used there plastic pants and now it seems they are no longer in business. Does any one have any other brands that they use , that would be as thick and durable as the comco's of yesterdays.. They most likely went under due to the high quality of there panties and the unrealistic price they charged for such quality. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank so much !

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    I've heard they're out of business. My self I've never used them. Recently I've switched to using pull on PUL pants.
    Here's a couple of links
    Don't know what kind of diapers you use but the PUL pants from CTDC that Robert sells are made by Kins.
    I use them with my twill prefolds for overnight and no leaks.

    The ones from Dependeco I find work well with my disposables and also my AIO's. I also use twill contour
    diapers for daytime use.

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    For years my favorite plastic pant was the original Comco. When they went out of business I switched to the LeakMaster Deluxe pant. From my perspective the two pants are very similar.

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    Comco has come and gone before- they disappeared for a few years, maybe about 5 or 6 years ago. Then they were back for a few years, as good as ever. And yes, they seem to be gone again

    Comcos were the first plastic pants I loved- the first daddy I ever visited (back when I still thought I was just DL)convinced me to try on a pair, and I was instantly hooked. So thick and heavy, crinkly and yet sooo comfortable!

    But, if I could have only one pair, the pants that WBxx linked are what I would choose. Everything from is top-notch quality. Their cloth diapers are superb, and they have a great line of plastic pants. The regular pants are identical to Gary Mnfg. products, and are probably just re-branded. They are great(like Gary products have always been for a couple? few? decades), but not what you are looking for.

    Imagine a luxury version of the Comco pant- a little thicker, a little silkier, with encased elastics (the material of the pant is wrapped around the elastic in the legs and waist, making it more comfortable, and less leaky). It exists as the LeakMaster Deluxe!!

    PUL is cool, but it's another thing entirely- try it out for fun, but not as a replacement for Comcos.


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    I miss Comco. When wearing cloth diapers i always loved wearing Comco.plastic pants. So comfortable.

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    I am using the leakmaster vinyls now...they're fairly close.

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