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Thread: Japanese Style Diaper Covers (I want them)

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    Default Japanese Style Diaper Covers (I want them)

    I've recently fallen in love with Japanese style diaper covers/plastic pants. the ones that function kind of like Abri Wing diapers where the back attaches like a belt around the waist and then the front just snaps to the belted sides. There's so many cute designs and I want them but don't know where to even begin to find some. Even just plain old snap on plastic panties where the snap sockets are on the front rather than on the back wings and the snap jacks that go into the sockets are on the back wings.

    So any idea where I can find these or something similar to them? Or even if a talented seamstress would be able to make these?

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    If you just search "Japanese Diaper Covers" on this forum, there's more information than I can even relay you to that shows up. If I had more time I'd post links...

    Edit: now that I've had the time to re-check them, the links that I looked at some months back are broken. Sorry for the false alarm. >///< I'd love to hear what more experienced members have to say.
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    Know of any plain snap on plastic panties that have that same T shaped design with the snap caps on the front flap instead of the back wings? Also I'll try searching and I still wonder if a talented seamstress would be able to custom make pairs.

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    Apparently (this just from what I saw here on ADISC, since I also am interested in these products) the company to beat is called "fuubuu," and many of the sites that sell things like this are written in Japanese (and thus totally incomprehensible to me). I couldn't make heads or tails of the site in one thread... and the other one's links seem broken. There was a thread about buying these shortly after I joined on here, but I haven't found it yet. I'll let you know if I come up with anything~

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    You can try here, never ordered from them personally, but do know someone who did and had no issues with getting what he ordered.

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    Ebay search adult cloth diaper there are 3 of then from Japan 40.00 each in pink color one blue

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    I have ordered from FUUBUU before, though not this specific style. Their products are solid and I highly recommend them.

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    The Fuu Buu style is very nice, looks adorably cute, very durable, has double leak protection, and even baby snaps to help caretakers -
    However, they are made in Mainland China, take a very long time to deliver, and the PVC oils must first be washed off before use.

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