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Thread: almost caught?

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    Default almost caught?

    Just wondering about times people almost got caught with, or wearing a diaper.

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    I was caught 3 times in 2008 when I was 13, but after that year I wasn't into diapers till I was 17 (2012) Right now with the Abena M4's and the Cruisers, I have yet to been caught and I hope I won't. Good think I don't have anything like a bottle or a pacifier (That I wish I could have right now )

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    I really haven't really had any close calls. Maybe you could count a couple of mornings when my mom would sit on my bed, along with my cat walking around on it; it'd be pretty bad if that cat stepped on my crotch and made a loud crinkling sound right in front of her. Although, she does know about my bottle.

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    Never been caught either guess i'm lucky enough to have a bf the knows i like DL stuff

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    I'm happy to say I have never been caught in possession of diapers. Though recently I left some incognito windows open on my computer, all leading to AB stories, forgetting about it I lent my laptop to my sister to look something up, she exited out of her window and up popped my stories. Thankfully I was right there and I minimized it quickly. In reality she probably only seen a block of text and wondered why I closed it so quickly, but I was pretty freaked out at the time. Close call though, I'm glad she didn't ask any questions.

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    Never been caught, or even really close. I mostly just avoid risks and keep everything put away when it's not in use. I have had a fire alarm go off while I was well-padded, but I just took it off, put on normal clothes, and made my way out of the building. The urgency of those things is highly overstated.

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    Some close calls, but when your parents know it doesn't become a real big issue. Most of the time they probably have as much to hide as I do.

    For you guys & gals who still have your parents around daily, think of your hiding places and wearing as a one big spy novel....and you're James Bond.

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    Some similar stuff happens with my phone, sometimes and a few Times in high school, when I was just finding out about it.

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    I've had adisc irc chat windows open on my computer when guests arrived, and neglected to close them. Little bit of panic when they sit down at the computer desk and ask if they can use the computer to open a browser for something... (quickly hop over to the keyboard, quit irc that's running in background, then open up a browser window for them)

    I've never been caught and confronted, but I can think of at least a couple occasions where I'm pretty sure someone has discovered my diapers while I wasn't around and hasn't said anything. Thankful to have discrete friends. If they did stumble on anything, no one's said a word (to me anyway) so far.

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    Close calls? Sure. Forgot diapers in the dryer or left them laying on the bed, the wife either didn't notice, or didn't recognize them for what they were. Certainly a few adrenaline rushes on my part, though.

    Once, ran out of gas in a residential neighborhood a couple towns over while thickly diapered under my jeans. Fortunately, the nearest homeowner was mowing his lawn with a gas can handy, so I wasn't stuck there long. He had to notice something was up with my pants, but what's he going to say? We didn't know each other, even though Carly's dad (see Resurrection in the story section) lives at the far end of the block, so no harm no foul.

    When I was a kid, there were surely some close calls, even though I might not have recognized them as such. Now, as a parent and grandparent, I realize parents aren't always as oblivious as they seem. Sometimes they shrug off the occasional wierdness rather than make an issue. Being a parent can be exhausting enough without going ballistic over every stupid little thing.

    I think computer close calls are getting rarer now that almost everyone has their own smart phone. Unless you've got kids, there's nobody borrowing your devices. In my case, Mrs. Maxx has her own tablet and laptop, I've got a couple of desktops and a tablet. The only time I touch hers is when she asks me to fix something. She doesn't like the 7" screen on my tablet, and couldn't get my ADISC desktop to work if she wanted to. It's password protected and running Ubuntu.

    Edit: And just as I'm typing this, I hear Mrs. Maxx's car pull in the driveway. Fortunately, I'd changed out of last nights diaper and started the laundry 10 minutes earlier. Based on last night's phone conversation, I hadn't expected to see her at all today. She's nothing if not random. Not a close call, really, but could have been.
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