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Thread: Let's talk about Watchmen

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    Default Let's talk about Watchmen

    ... the upcoming movie/graphic novel. A search under "Watchmen" brings up 4 threads, all closed, so let's begin again.

    BTW for the debate over whether the blue schlong was visible, it was... occasionally, ch. 3 p 20 in the first instance. The least interesting aspect of the book... but a convo starter

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    My god... I love Watchmen. It's just that it's so true, you know? Rorshach is the best character. No debate.

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    Terrible comic, who would ever read such filth?


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    I would agree. There are so many things to like... The nearer you are to seeing or appreciating the truth the more you lapse toward cynicism... and ultimately madness... protected only by ignorance or a solid but wrong absolutist view... Love the Lovecraftian elements that pervade the whole book...

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    For some reason Watchmen just reminds me of Munich but with superheros... And considering that I did not like Munich I doubt I will like Watchmen.

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    Fire2box - Is that response just from the trailers, or have you read some of the actual comic? I can kind of see that from some of the trailers, where they talk about someone picking off costumed heroes, sort of hinting at a revenge angle, but it really isn't like Munich at all.

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    Saw the midnight premiere. VERY well done, fans of the novel will not be disappointed. Casting, visuals, and overall style of the film is incredible.

    -This movie does bog down in places, be prepared. It does take a bit of effort.
    -Every action sequence uses the slo-mo/bullet time feature, however considering the story isn't very action-driven it does give it that 'edge' it needs.
    -Also with the action sequences, lots of CGI, along the lines of GRINDHOUSE, but exciting nontheless.
    -Casual movie goers: ye be warned, If you're jumping on the Watchmen hype/bandwagon hoping to find the next Dark Knight this movie is NOT FOR YOU. This is definitely a fans' film and truly shows it's appreciation for the source. I repeat, If you're looking for another action-driven comic-book adaptation this movie is NOT FOR YOU.


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    I saw the very first screening of this ever back in october. :p
    be jealous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnotized View Post
    I saw the very first screening of this ever back in october. :p
    be jealous.
    Was that at ComicCon??

    Hmm...just finished reading it a couple minutes was a really really good story. Hoping to catch the movie this weekend.

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