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    Can someone tell me how amazon ships clothing? What I mean is will they put it in a box or will the ship it in whatever packaging it comes in?

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    Everything I have ordered from Amazon has arrived in a box or a padded envelope. Some of the boxes have arrived with some slight damage. The product itself has been in its own packing inside the box or envelope. Having said that, I have never ordered clothing from Amazon.

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    Be careful on this one. Are you ordering from Amazon itself or a marketplace seller? If the latter you have very little control over the packaging unless you contact the seller first. I've done that in the past but with mixed results.

    If it is Amazon itself, you can expect standard, discrete, Amazon packaging.

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    My experience is always deal directly with Amazon for orders that you're sensitive about (or are concerned about knock-off electronics like I am). I haven't really ordered clothes from them, but all the orders I have done have been in the plain Amazon boxes, with no identifiers. Please note that there are some items Amazon explicitly states comes in the original manufacturer's packaging - I've noticed that on a couple of diaper case orders when just browsing.

    Also note: I'm from Canada, so it may differ slightly for you, my American friend.

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