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    If I buy a pack of diapers do you guys recommend the abri form plastic backed or premium cloth backed?? Also are the molicare premium soft cloth backed any good?

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    For the Abena M4 I personally go with the plastic backed since cloth tends to give me rashes and plastic tends to do better when you get leaks into the side panel. With plastic backing you have the chance of some of it rolling around to the back absorbent material, with cloth backed it just soaks through to your clothing.

    In regards to the Molicare I'm assuming you're referring to the Molicare Comfort Super? If so it is a pretty situational diaper. It is very thing, but it can absorb a surprising liquid. This is due to it being mostly SAP and not terribly much wicking. The side effect of this though is a fairly slow absorption rate, so even if the diaper can technically absorb the amount of liquid from a flood, do not flood it or you will leak.

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    For performance, plastic has always recommended. But for discreetness, cloth is best. All the discussions hirtho have been pointing to these. But your preference is, of course, another matter altogether.

    Pick your battles wisely.

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    Plastic backed all the way. "Clothlike" backing seam to stretch more in most diapers I have tried which cases gapping. If wearing clothing over the diaper the smooth plastic tends to move more independently than cloth especially in thicker diapers like the M4.

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    Plastic backed for me. Not just because it's what I grew up with, but because they have their flaws. Unless you stay rather still, they will stretch out and loosen up. Walking in them can be irritable because they rub and rub on your inner thighs. Plastic tends to glide more and results in less abuse to the diaper. The crinkling isn't very noticeable under clothes. With form during underwear and a onesie, I can't hear my diapers.

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    Abena M4 has been the only diaper I have been wearing recently and I say go with plastic mainly cause of the crinkly noise that it makes.

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    Well here is my situation, I wore my Abena M4 plastic back diaper under a onesie in front of my wife to bed for the first time after a bad situation at work, first it was way to noisy as she really hates me wearing diapers but she let me where one this night, second I feel the plastic back diaper tape was coming undone a lot while laying in bed wet.

    I feel I cant where this diaper because I can't trust the tape. Which is why when I get a chance I will purchase the cloth back, at least the tape is re-sealable many many times.

    Also the Molicare Comfort Super Diaper is amazing!!!! Same thing it is re-sealable many many times and it is smaller so you cant even tell your wearing a diaper. Also it holds a lot of liquid. Can't wait to pick up a case soon

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    The tapes on the M4 is not velcro for the cloth backed, it is one of the big problems I have with Abena's cloth ones. The tapes seem very similar to the plastic backed ones. If they were retapeable, it might redeem the cloth backed ones a little since they stretch and would need it.

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