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    I was wondering what color backing the attends breathable briefs are?? white or blue cloth backing?

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    They have white cloth backing with a very thin yellow stripe as a wetness indicator.

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    somebody on a video review said they had a blue backing so I was wondering what brand it was... it must not be made by attends I assume.

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    The sizing chart at suggest they come in a variety of colors including blue. This chart is current and I'm sure they have done things differently in the past. Look at the fine print under the chart, it tells you the brief types excluded from the color scheme.

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    I recently picked up a pack of the attends breathable briefs (not overnight model). For a cheap product they seem to be quite decent. The Medium sized I bought are white. They are obviously cloth backed, hence the 'breathable' marketing, and despite being more excited by plastic backed products, I must say these are quite nice. The cloth backing is quite crisp, noisy and rustly. The sides are very breathable, but also in my experience less protective. Stand-up leak guards are non existent which is to be expected of these cheap domestic products. Absorbency wise they seem to perform similarly if not a little better to the Depend Protection with tabs diaper briefs. They wear a bit thicker too than the Depends, especially if you scrunch them up a bit before putting it on. The tapes are the Velcro/sticky combo, but they do lose some effectiveness over time and although can be re-fastened never seem to do quite as well second or third time round.

    I will try to grab the overnight version when I next see them, but I am happy with these for what they are!

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