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Thread: How many panties...?

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    Default How many panties...?

    I am a guy who loves wearing panties. Can't do it as often as I like 'cause the wife doesn't know, so my collection is thus limited. But I do have about 30 pretty pair to choose from at the present time for when I get to wear. How many pair do you have available to you? Do you wear them openly, or do you hide it like I do?

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    ...I think 30 pair of underwear is a lot... o.o

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    I have about 19 CUTE pairs. I where them when ever I want cuz you cant see what sort of underwear I have on as I where clothes as for crops and stuff I only where at home
    Kids under where I think is much bettor than adults as the aim is not to look sexy or let some thing be seen(it is innocent and is the way it should stay). I also like kids bras/crops as they look like a bra but you dont need boobs to where them.(LINK to one I have

    Sorry to people who may look at link in like 1 year as it will not work

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    I am guessing that I have about 20 pairs. I have everything from thongs to granny panties. I like my bikini style panties the best. None of mine are 'little' girl designs. I wish I had more 'little' girl panties. Their hard to find in my size.

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    I have nine pair of the Baby Pants training pants which I think of as diaper panties. At least half of them are pink, and yes, not only does my wife know, but she bought four pairs for Christmas and other holidays.

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    30 pairs and your wife doesn't know? You're doing pretty well, I'd say! My wife knows about and supports my cross-dressing, and I own about 10 pairs. So yeah, I'm impressed you can keep it under wraps.

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    Ebay under adult baby sissy and under sissy there are some little girl undies looking stuff good luck:-)

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    I have several pair of Bali Skimp Skamp panties that I can wear anytime I want.
    Also I have eight pair of PUL panties in solid pink and various prints on a pink
    background. Love my pink.

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    I dont have many since my gf isnt a fan of me crossdressing and I dont get to do it in public much anymore so I pretty much just wear dresses at home while padded, so a lot of my panties got tossed during our last move. Probably have less than 6 pairs right now, likewise I dunno where they are specifically =P but I had a couple dozen pairs before I gave them up

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    i dont have but 1 pair. but i do however have 3 pairs of supper sports short shorts (try saying that 10 times) you know... the kind with the panties built in?

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