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Thread: I think my GF might be AB??

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    Question I think my GF might be AB??

    Hi everyone!

    So as the title says, I think my girlfriend might be AB, or at least some variant of. This is a genuine post and I'm here to hopefully find some advice Hopefully some of the more experienced of you will be willing to share any similar experiences you might have had in this area

    I've been seeing an amazing girl for around 6 weeks, we trust eachother, get on very well and are now in love Not long after we got together, she told me that she was adopted soon after birth and although she has since been provided with a fortunate upbringing, this is something which still hurts, or at least has done quite badly in the past. There were other unfortunate happenings in her childhood but out of respect I won't share those here. Besides, the fact she was adopted, I think, is enough to make the point. I have also shared with her some of my struggles growing up and the issues I have faced with incontinence and nappies as a result. I have mentioned nothing about AB/DL so far.

    Anyway I think thats enough background on the situation for now. So while she is on holiday with family for Xmas, we have been texting regularly and a couple of days ago, she mentioned that she wasn't feeling too well. She said she had a sore throat and that maybe she might need some baby food when she gets home. So I jokingly suggested a bedtime story too, to which her immediate response was "In that case, I seriously I hope I still have a sore throat when I get home!" So, I followed up with the offer of feeding her from a baby bottle, looking after her and generally babying her. Again, she instantly replied that she would "love that" and that it sounded "amazing." I told her that it was not uncommon to feel this way and in fact, one of my exes used to get me to baby her and that she loved it too (ex in question was AB but I haven't told her.... yet). I also said that I could do more than just feed her. She asked what else I could do, so I offered a dummy, to which she replied "we'll see about the dummy " ....not entirely sure what to make of that response right now

    Anyway, since then we have been talking a lot about it, she said that she misses being a baby and I've suggested that being looked after might be therapeutical to her. I get the feeling that she is quite vulnerable and could really benefit from feeling some extra safety and security in her life and she does seem very keen to give it a try. She's even told me her favourite colours, preferences in baby food, favourite childhood cartoon characters. In addition to this, she's been talking and acting little and now she is even calling me Daddy

    She has been very forthcoming in just a few days about this side of herself so I'm not gonna push or force anything. I was happy enough in our vanilla relationship in the first place, so all of her 'little' tendencies she has shared so far, I am considering to be a nice bonus to our relationship. Having been in an ABDL relationship previously, I fully realise the trust issues of such a taboo fetish and the implications of any abuse of this trust. It's a very big risk, but with an even bigger payoff. Who Dares Wins and all that, right?

    So heres where I'm at right now I'm thinking that she's probably never tried this before but that she could be a closet LG, AB, DL, or any combination of those - although to what degree, I'm not sure. She might just like to be babied and looked after. The thought of a sucking a dummy or even wearing a nappy might not be her thing at all, or if she really is new to all of this, she may have never even considered such activity. She may be discovering it in herself for the first time. I know there is a huge variety of different ABDL types out there, all with their own complex combinations of tastes and kinks which I totally understand. Either way, I'm gonna be taking this at her pace, which at the moment is pretty fast so I may even slow it down a notch or two - I'm in no rush to ruin a perfectly good relationship. Besides, we are so in love that even if she isn't into it, then when the time is right, I'd be able to fully 'come out' and be honest with her and I'm certain that it would not damage our relationship.

    So, there you have it. Thats whats developed in our relationship, over text (mostly), since Saturday night.

    If anybody has read this far and not fell asleep, then I thank you very, very much! I would love to hear of any similar experiences or thoughts anybody cares to share on this situation, and I welcome them!

    Hopefully the outcome here will be that I can share a true and encouraging story which backs up the general consensus of you're more likely to meet an ABDL partner IRL than you are on an ABDL website.

    I promise to keep you updated!

    Merry Xmas everyone!

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    Wow. First off, it sounds as if you two have already developed a strong deep relationship and that you trust one another. These things are the building blocks to any successful, meaningful long term relationship, so kudos to having already established that. Secondly, it sounds as if your girlfriend truly wants to be babied, and, at minimum, cared for at some level. I would take things slowly in this regard and just see what she is interested in. Don't force anything on her, and perhaps let her discover things on her own. Say, perhaps, if she is not interested in dummies, you might leave one laying around in the open and see if she tries it...who you said, she may like it. Either way, it sounds as if you two are developing what could be a tremendous relationship. Good luck, and I certainly look forward to hearing how things develop!

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    You sound like one very, very fortunate person, and your girlfriend sounds amazing! As you yourself said; take it slow and be careful. Don't force anything. Also, talk over the phone about it - it's easier to get a sense of how enthused someone is about something and might make it easier to work out where to go from here. Good luck!

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    I would say what would you like to try to her.
    Go on a little shopping trip to get what she might like to try.
    That would give you a good feeling where she is at.

    Make a fun day of it get her a teddy bear or something like that.
    Go slow and carefully help her explore this side of her.
    I would not push the binkie as she get into more of her little it may come later.
    Just be the most loving person you can be one slow step at at time.

    Sometimes we get excited and push what we want on to our partners and that can hurt the relationship a little.
    So let her take it at her own pace.
    Talking it out is the key and pay attention to what she is saying some times they dont want you to fix things they just want you to sit there and hear them talk and get there feeling's out.
    Us guys have a way trying to fix things. Instead being a sounding board which is what girls like.

    All the best to you both.
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    Hey, thanks for your responses guys! It's really nice to hear such encouragement and support from your good selves!

    bambinobaby, thank you for the kudos on the relationship, that means a lot so thank you! And I may well just leave something lying around, but only if it feels right. I'll do it if think she wants something but is too shy to admit it!

    Shaunikins321 I have to admit, I think I am a very fortunate person to have met this girl, I really do. We actually met in a pub, of all places! But yeah at the moment I'm kind of finding this to be really exciting, I have read a few similar threads to this but didn't think I'd end up writing one myself!

    foxkits, the shopping is already planned In fact some of it will be happening today! Good call on taking a step back and listening - I hear you on that one, sometimes we do try to fix things in our little ways when all we should be doing is listening. Sound advice.

    Anyway, it's nice to see that we all share the same opinions on taking things slow. All of your comments are reinforcing my own ideas, which is awesome and so reassuring so thank you very much!

    And finally an update as promised, we video called on Skype last night and we were able to talk about it face to face and honestly, I found it remarkably easy to talk with her about all of these things and by the looks and sounds of it, she did too. It was never this easy with my AB ex and she had been with at least two other AB guys before me... and even still it was a bit awkward. We would say things over text but in person it was much more difficult. Now with my current gf, it's only been a few days since we found out we both liked this stuff and last night on Skype, she spoke to me in her little voice and called me Daddy. I think I'm really, really lucky here. And I wish everyone else here the same luck in whatever you are looking for! More updates as and when

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    your so lucky wish you all the best i can only hope to find something so special

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    Thank you blackwaltz I can't believe what is actually happening here with this girl and I never would have guessed it. It just started off as a normal relationship but over time I began to see signs (lets face it, we all try to look for them in a partner don't we? ) Maybe we are more common than we realise. Is it that hard to believe that most of us would not enjoy some of our childhood comforts if we had the opportunity to enjoy them once again? I think there are a LOT more closet ABDL's out there, I really do. Just a case going out there and finding them. Besides, most of the AB girls I've spoken to on these sites are really quite odd. I only know one 'normal' one. The rest are quite socially inept, I would say.

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    Enjoy the ride. I prefer the long tease. Either you or she will "crack" first and spill the beans. Whatever, you'll find out eventually anyway since you do plan on telling her. Suggestion: radio silence. Go dark with the hints all of a sudden. It might make the fire in her rise which is what you want anyway. It may get to a point where she throws herself upon your mercy and all you have to do at that point is make her happy by doing what comes natural. Easy 'nuff. Don't be maliciously manipulative, just smart and sexy.

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