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Thread: Stance on Marijuana Legalization?

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    Default Stance on Marijuana Legalization?

    Whats everyone's stance on marijuana legalization?

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    Absolutely in favor of it ^__^

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    I'm in the "there's no reason for marijuana to be illegal" camp.

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    We legalized it in the state of Washington, and although the implementation has been sort of clumsy, civilization hasn't collapsed. It seems like it has been as much a non-event as predicted. I'm hoping we're on the leading edge of a trend and we can focus on more important things.

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    Possession of any drug for personal consumption should be regulated legally.

    It makes no sense to criminalise someone using drugs responsibly. And someone using drugs recklessly is already harming themselves enough to make the idea of punishment cruel and perverse.

    But I'm definitely not in favour of Dutch-style coffeeshops. Tolerating and accepting responsible drug use is one thing, but publicly promoting it goes a little too far in my opinion. I'd probably think the same of alcohol if it wasn't so tightly tied in with our culture, enjoyed with food, and a more "social"/extroverting drug.

    Perhaps it would make sense to allow people to use their own cannabis in smoking areas of premises licensed for alcohol consumption (whilst not allowing its on-site-sale)...? Or maybe it would be simpler (legally, morally and politically) to only permit its use in private.

    In an ideal world, drugs would be supplied by the state to registered users under appropriate psychiatric supervision. But that causes privacy problems and assumes that the state is inherently trustworthy.

    I think the most important things that such a policy would achieve are:

    • Supplying clean, uncontaminated drugs for harm reduction.
    • Regularly reviewing the psychological state of drug users so that they can address the underlying causes of their addiction, and be offered help with their problems.
    • Limiting the use of drugs by new users.
    • Eliminating the pointless persecution of drug users so that they will be more open to the authorities and more willing to seek help.
    • Reducing crime by not confiscating drugs from addicts who will only commit crime to replace their confiscated stash.
    • Preventing organised criminals and terrorists from profiting by having a monopoly on drug supply.
    • Ending the political situation where countries are pressured by the international community to criminalise drug sales and use, which causes disproportionate harm to developing, drug-producing countries.

    Some random stats for the US, indicating how drug laws discriminate against ethnic minorities, and how people are actually being locked up for non-violent crime:

    • A black male born in 1991 has a 29% chance of spending time in prison at some point in his life.
    • Nearly one in three African American males aged 2029 are under some form of criminal justice supervision whether imprisoned, jailed, on parole or probation.
    • The leading cause of incarceration of an African American male is a non-violent drug offense.

    Pretty much any system would be better than what we have. People are dying or becoming trapped in hopeless addiction because of the harm our politicians have caused with prohibition. The slums and favelas of less-developed countries are war-zones where innocent people are killed every day in the cross-fire of the war we have started. Taxpayer resources are used-up fighting a pointless war, meaning the police have less time to address serious crimes.

    There's no way that every person can be shielded from the potential harm that drugs can cause. But the current "war on drugs" is failing in every respect. There has to be a better system.

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    While, I don't prescribe to the equivalence of marijuana and alcohol... there's several options of both... and both should only be legally available to those who are 21-years of age or older... except for the problem of having black market MJ, as a higher (pardon the pun)... availability to under 21. There's not enough context in the posed question... to make a contextual reply though...

    For those saying 'drugs'... that applies to anything you can get from the pharmacy, or druggist... and pretty much any chemical substance, that is sold, traded, or given on the street-level, and amongst friends and acquaintances...

    I would not, under any circumstances... give 'drugs' a green-light...

    Now, maybe there is such a thing as 'clean' methamphetamines, but that would not likely include crystal-meth for example, and the former should likely be under the supervision of a doctor... not, that I'm convinced that things such as Ritalin are all-together safe either...

    I realize that a significant portion of devastating results of 'users'... comes from the black-market's... dirty-drugs... which even mary-jane, can be tainted with heroin, for example...

    There's a good argument for clean-drugs... I mean, how many went blind, or lost their lives to 'bath-tub gin' during the USA's prohibition period...

    I don't say yes or no exclusively...

    I voted against Washington's bill on legalizing marijuana, for the simple fact of the poorly written measure, and further federal implications...

    Also, just as with alcohol, tobacco, and candy perhaps... There are health risks, especially when used in excess... those health costs are passed around directly, and indirectly... to the remainder of society... so, it's not simply a matter of individual's rights...

    Anyway... my stance on marijuana legalization...

    • 21+ years of age or older, only...
    • Taxed on par with alcohol and tobacco... maybe something in-between?
    • It should get the otherwise lousy regulation and approval of the USDA, and FDA (or your country's equivalent)... it should be labeled according to strength (such as alcohol content), be non-GMO (it's only a matter of time before Monsanto get's into the biz), and be used responsibly, for starters...

    It's not a simple matter of... "all in favor of legalizing marijuana, say 'I'"...

    I rather wish, that alcohol and tobacco... had not been so easily available to me... when I was 12... but, that's a different subject...

    I rather wish, that some extraordinary beautiful people, that I had known... had not gone into the abyss from drugs... for whatever reasons they may have started...

    In addition to my other disabilities... I now have COPD to add to the working-class tax-payer's, pay-outs... for my health maintenance...

    Maybe, marijuana should be relegated to strictly vapor, pill, and food-additive form... No smoking...

    That's my two-bits, for now...

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    At the very least, it should be a misdemeanor, with maybe a $25.00 fine. That said, I think it should be legal. It's not a panacea however, and there will still be strong markets for stronger drugs. Being a hippie from the '60s, I've seen plenty of non productive potheads. I was definitely a pothead, but my grades went up and I was able to manage my time so that I got my work done, accomplished some really great things, and then got stoned at night.

    It did have some down sides, in my opinion, and I gave it up after graduation. Now, I have too many responsibilities that I just can't be stoned. I don't think I even want to be stoned. The world is interesting enough just as it is and besides, back in the day when I was smoking, I wasn't a very happy person.

    I think if a person is going to alter their sense of reality, they should at least explore why they want to do this. What is making their world intolerable to the point where they want to change it? I knew what my reasons were, and they were painful. Time has helped heal those wounds. If smoking is just to have some fun, that's okay, but know your limits.

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    Did you know that marijuana was made illegal because of racism? It was the white man that came in and pretty much making laws to effect Mexicans and Indians just because they smoked it and their culture was different to the Europeans. They had improper traditions.

    My personal stance is that there's so many things it on the market that kill people. Alcohol is the leading cause of deaths on the roads. It's never been made illegal and probably never will be. Alcohol also causes deaths in other ways as well such as alcohol poisoning and domestic abuse.

    Marijuana is rather harmless compared to many legal stuff out there. Anyone that has anything against marijuana and fights against it is just arrogant, and have no reason to despise it.

    The legalization of marijuana would benefit the country economically big time. $42,000,000,000 (billion) a year is spent on marijuana task forces, arrests, housing people in jail for nonsense possession charges.

    Lunatics argue that marijuana benefits terrorists, they also said marijuana made men grow breasts. Come on! Really?

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    In short, Yes.

    In the more specific response. Marijuana and Alcohol have a similar history.

    Is there a effect to the human system?
    Is it detrimental?
    It depends.
    Is there anything that is 100% safe?
    Not really.

    So what is the answer to the question.

    Yes it should be legalized.
    If used in moderation and responsible there should not be a problem.
    IF it is used to access and dangerously, then the person involved should be held accountable.
    If you drink and drive under the influence, then you are arrested and charged.
    If you use and drive under the influence, then you are arrested and charged.

    I could go on but I think my point is made.

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    I'm in the minority: I'm against it. I feel there's already too many accidents involving alcohol and the legalization of a substance like marijuana will just make things worse. Hardly a week goes by where there isn't an alcohol related DUI death in the community that I live near. Adding another substance to the mix will just add to the accidents and deaths.

    My opinion, no scientific studies to support it. Just the way I feel.

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