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Thread: boyfriend having bedwetting issues

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    Default boyfriend having bedwetting issues

    okay so this has been going on and off for about the last 3-4 months, he has been having issues with wetting the bed on several occasions. there was a month where it happened three times and one time was twice in a week. he just wet the bed again last night and this time actually was able to wake up half way through the wetting and stop himself. we had originally thought the wettings were occurring due to him drinking beer or alcohol before bed but im not sure its the case now because he had stopped drinking fairly early and used the restroom several times before going to bed last night. i know some of the times he did bedwet he was under a lot of stress but im starting to get concerned about how much he uses the bathroom. i had asked him how many times he used the bathroom last night and it was on par with him going almost every hour. i know beer is a diuretic but he only had three decent steins full and he would have urinated it out before we even left where we were. im honestly not sure what to do about it, im thinking he may have to see a doctor and possibly wear protection in the meantime when hes stressed but i feel hes going to be completely opposed to the idea of it. any advice would be helpful

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    see the thing is he dosent have medical insurance right now and i don't think he will be able to get any until the start of the new year, i know there's definitely something going on now because it seems like hes using the bathroom entirely too much and he is ignoring that fact. i know you are supposed to urinate when you feel like you have to go but i don't think its normal to be going every hour. im also just really tired of having to wake up in a soaked bed, i know it says im a dl but i am inactive due to his opposition to the whole diapers thing so i really couldn't even offer him that to keep us from waking up in a soaked bed. really the only thing we have that's been saving the bed is a vinyl bed cover so i don't have to put baking soda on the bed to soak up the accidents.

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    Ok, well, until you can propose to medical, or to even go see a check-up. You should really get padding for him until the time being.

    Some doctor offices where you are at (I'm guessing) would have walk-ins just to check. Might be more expensive without medical insurance but it's best to get onto that right away!

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    for what they would need to do its going to cost a lot of money and we just don't have that right now, i definitely know there going to want him to go through the whole urodynamics tests and whatnot after they do preliminary blood tests to check for other things. i have a few friends who are healthcare professionals that i can possibly get a loose guestimation on what it is for now but its going to have to wait and im probably goign to have to pull teeth to get him to wear some protection.

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    Ay, that I can't help you with, I'm sorry. I would really break a rule if I spoke my opinion on that.

    What I can offer is ask for some friends to borrow money you can pay from later or ask for a raise and work a little bit overtime. You will need to figure this out soon enough.

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    i know its not a good thing to wait on anything health wise but its going to be a struggle to get him to realize that hes even having a problem, from the way hes been acting i feel like he acts like its not a problem or hes ignoring it thinking its going to go away. its plain stubbornness on his part really, im going to try to have a talk with him into doing something but theres only so much i can do myself.

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    I wish you the best of luck Ayria! I hope your messages go thru his head like a pretzel with peanut butter all over it and hope it sticks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cauthon View Post
    This sounds like diabetes, if you know a diabetic have them check his blood sugar.
    It could also be hundreds of other things ranging from the trivial to the very serious. Trying to give a diagnosis over the internet is irresponsible and dangerous.

    Snivy was right the first time he needs to see a doctor.

    I'm not completely familiar with the American health care system but that is the bottom line.

    If your boyfriend is resisting actually going to the doctor you could try some shock tactics ask him what music he would like at his funeral or take him to pick out a coffin. A little melodramatic maybe but even if it is a minor ailment, untreated, it might be the truth.

    America is a first world country (supposedly) get him to a doctor.

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    Diabetes is not the only cause of elevated blood sugar. A positive test is suggestive but not conclusive. Doctors run other tests to confirm. There is a danger that by giving advice people will try to self treat be wrong or do it badly and do themselves serious harm.

    If it's a positive test then the person needs to see is a general practitioner. If it's negative they should see... a general practitioner.

    The correct and only possible answer is go see a doctor.

    I can think of at least half a dozen other potential candidates to explain the symptoms as given by the OP and I have no medical training.

    I'm sure you mean well but giving medical advice over the internet is a bad idea in (1-10^-12)% of cases. You don't want that blood anywhere near your hands.
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