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Thread: Debating 24/7

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    Default Debating 24/7

    I've been sleeping in diapers for the past month and am once again debating if I want to wear 24/7. Right now, I'm just trying to figure out a fairly practical way to do so.

    The main obstacle is going to be cost. I haven't figured out yet how often I'll be changing. I don't plan to go incontinent, so I figure that my best best will be to use a pull-up diaper so I can use the restroom. I guess the first thing I need to figure out for this will be what type of diaper is going to be my main go-to. Right now, I'm going through 1 Goodnite each night plus about 2-3 per each weekend day that I spend full-time diapered. I think ideally I'd want to do something where I'd only need a fresh diaper in the morning when I'm getting around. I'm not sure if it's wise to wear the same diaper for a full day if I don't intend to use them.

    I'm also trying to figure out how I'll work around things like staying with my family or friends. I don't feel the need to share my interest in diapers with everyone I know. I am open about it with a couple people, but my diaper wearing is mostly secret.

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    I've done different periods of 24/7. You have to figure out if you are going to completely use the diaper for all functions, or just keep it on, but actually use the toilet for all bodily functions (or most of them). If you use it for most of your bodily functions, you will probably want to get a high quality diaper that handles more wettings beyond what goodnites do. Before you go 24/7, you don't realize how expensive this lifestyle choice is. I usually go through close to two cases a diaper a month if I did a decent amount of days where I was wearing for all bodily functions. If your just sticking to pull ups, you might want to check out the always discreet ones if your not buying online, they seem to hold more than goodnites. If your going to buy online, there are some good pull ups that can hold a lot, mostly the unique wellness ones and abena ones (I think the Northshore ones may also do the trick, but I never wore them). Either one holds a decent amount compared to Discreet or Goodnites.

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    It is NOT what people think. ....Doing it all the tie and totally losing control becomes expensive, difficult, and loses its specialness. It needs to remain special....just saying. The nightly or the semi-nightly gives it lot better effect. This is only my opinion so please please no hate mail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crinklewish View Post
    It is NOT what people think. ....Doing it all the tie and totally losing control becomes expensive, difficult, and loses its specialness. It needs to remain special....just saying. The nightly or the semi-nightly gives it lot better effect. This is only my opinion so please please no hate mail.
    No hate mail here, just sort of a counterpoint. I would say it's not so clear cut. It's very important to me that it remain special as well. For a long time, I couldn't wear much more than overnight. Eventually, I got more comfortable with wearing for longer periods but my personal stopping point is based on when it starts to feel too mundane. Six weeks is my longest stretch. I have talked here with others who still manage to feel like it is special after far longer than that. It varies by person and circumstance. I'm also skeptical that there's any credible threat to one's continence due to extended wear. I prize that very highly and have experienced no trouble in that area.

    OP, if you're interested, make a reasonable assessment of the good and bad and decide. You can always stop if it doesn't suit you.

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    You must not drink normal amounts of liquid. To only go through 2-3 Goodnites. Drinking more water will help reduce the odors that tend to build.

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    Things always get twisted up a bit, after a reply, or two...

    Try Depends RealFits (in the box, at every Walmart in the country), for a decent fit, and a reasonable amount of absorption. Use the Depend, or use a toilet to get more mileage. Wear two at a time, so you use one to saturation, then discard it and pullup the freshie. I wear plastic pants over the Depends, and briefs over that (for that sort-of onsie-ish support), and if you were standing right next to me in the grocery line, you wouldn't have a clue.

    24/7? Of course, why not? Takes the magic out??? I don't think that's possible... Diapers will always be magical to me, but that's me. I accept the limitations of my choices, while remaining fully committed to my lifestyle.

    Your results may vary.

    BTW, the female version, Depend Silhouettes, do not seem quite as form fitting, nor quite as thirsty as RealFits, so if you're demanding "girly", you might just need some girly stickers on your blue & gray RealFits...

    (24/7/365 for about 16 months)

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    Thanks. I'm still questioning this. I figure that the best way to go about this to explore and see what I'm comfortable with. I don't plan to go 24/7 just cold turkey, but I do hope to increase my wearing. I'll continue with nighttime use and start wearing during more periods of the day. In the mean time, I'll experiment with different products to see which ones I like. I do want to get a pack of Always Discreet to see how those work on me.

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    I went all weekend in a diaper trying it 24/7 for a bit. Descreet is the way to go for going out in public or around family. I even tried some diapers that i wouldn't normally use, like the good nite trufit and the depends fit under pants. Probably won't go to work in one though.

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    i find it most exciting to get a diaper every once in a while and wear the same one for a day or two. but that is probably just me.

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    May I suggest something skin hygiene wise ? I know that there are many different skin sensitivity levels , I wore 24/7 for a little over a year recently and still maintaining regular hygiene ( taking showers etc. ) I over looked using a cream that could really help, after using diaper rash cream which did nothing and much unhealthier skin.I switched to athletes foot cream . I still use it to this day , works well for diaper rash to.
    As for your diaper budget going 24/7 as others have said can get expensive fast for the good diapers, a couple hundred bucks a month for two cases of bambino bellisimos as one eg. North shore supreme diapers, a plastic backed diaper is a excellent diaper for absorbencey but be prepared for a little bulk. If you can't afford online there are thift stores that have good deals on adult diapers/pull ups.

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